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How I got to Earth - From Pixie Pants

Pooja Sitharthan From Boomerang with Love

Heyyy Heyyy Guyssss!!! I’m Pixie! And just in case you didn’t know, I write happy notes to everyone who buys stuff from The Happiness Factory. And all those posts you see on the social pages? I post them! Yup! I reeeeeally enjoy what I do and here’s my story of how I got to Earth.

Brace Yourselves!

If you’ve read the last blog post, you might know that I’m a Zinky. Just like how Humans are from Earth, Zinkies are from Boomerang. Have you heard of it before? It’s the planet I am from! And everyday at Boomerang is a happy day! Every hour on Boomerang is a day on Earth.

So the other day, my friends and I decided to visit grandpa Gobblepox, at Disco City, to celebrate his 1133rd Birthday. He had so many presents that he decided to share them with everyone who visited. Me and my friends got lucky cause we got to choose what we wanted. We picked up a hugeeee box that had so many colorful stickers and lights on it.

It was time to explore! The box had a thick silver blanket, a packet filled with lots of colorful buttons, some power booster batteries, and an instruction manual on how to build a fort with it. It didn’t look so easy… but also, we couldn’t wait! We went straight up to the attic and decided to channel our building skills!

And Ohhhh! BTW, at Boomerang, blankets were a thing of the past. They were used only to fly to different places… but were soon replaced by teleportation doors. So building a fort with it was something unheard of.

Here comes the mighty "Fort"!

Working on the fort was suuuuper-tricky. It took us exactly 30 hours (A day in Boomerang) to build it and thanks to my best bud Equinox, who helped us with all the final tinkering. The last step was to feed in some secret numbers to the battery booster. After minutes of contemplation, we entered grandpa’s age, 1133, and BOOM!!! We heard an explosion from the inside of the fort and started hearing weird noises! The fort started changing it’s shape and the buttons started lighting up in colors I didn’t even know existed. My friends turned their invisible mode on… but the lights only made me more curious. I started walking towards the fort and Sheeesh! I had the first ever encounter with my human buddy!!!!

The mystical creature now enters Boomerang...

Until then, I had only heard of Humans from Grandpa. He used to tell us tales from his visit to Earth and how he made some really cool friends there. He said humans started working on Time Machines after they learnt about Zinkies. How did Grandpa get there, you ask? Well, everyone in Boomerang has a special power. And he had the most powerful one… to be able to teleport to different Galaxies without any portals.

Traveling through space is always very tricky, cause you have to get yourself to match to different temperature levels. Boomerang being the first stop to anyone who decides to Space Travel, has the perfect physical conditions suitable for anyone. Some decide to stay permanently, making Zinkies look completely different from each other.

And so… There she was… my human, totally baffled. I immediately turned on my happiness booster, which cancels out panic vibes from anyone who I come across. So we got along very easily. I took her around and introduced her to all my friends. She really liked our planet. We figured that the blanket fort was a portal to the Time Machine she was working on and as soon as she took off, the Earth’s axis of rotation had a tiny little malfunction which made it so hard for us to find out how she could get back! After 3 long Boomerang days, we finally made it happen! And guess who decided to tag along!!! Yup Yup!!! Meeeee!!! 

Return of the Human + Pixie Pants to Dear Earth

Being here on Earth makes me suuuuuper happy. My Happiness booster has limited energy, which makes it very hard for me to meet people often. So my human is working on my human-friendly look and I think I’m totally going to rock it! I help her with ideas at The Happiness Factory and also post stuff about whatever she makes. It's kinda cool. I like it here. 

Don't forget to follow us on Insta and Facebook, okay? We are working on lots of really cool stuff that you might not want to miss out. 

I think that's all for now... Tooooodlessss!!! 

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