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Pooja Sitharthan

Reading about space and time has always been my most favorite thing to do ever since I discovered a secret garden in my backyard which appeared out of no where  when I walked past one of the cherry trees with a compass that was gifted by my grandpa as my 25th birthday present. That was my most favorite hiding spot from reality until one day I found myself chasing a squirrel that stole my compass, and ended up bumping into the bark of an old oak tree which had a tiny door hidden underneath. Upon opening it, I found a book made of papyrus that had instructions on how to build a Time Machine! 

The Compass was gone and so was the secret garden. But I knew my life was getting interesting! 

And then it happened....

Three months had passed since I started working on my machine that was hidden in my closet. I knew things were getting better and I was making progress. And while testing it for the 1133rd time, BOOM!!! I experienced my first teleportation ever! All I remember is myself surrounded by gleaming and glittering coloured lights. I lost myself trying to figure out what was happening and there I was! In a parallel universe called Boomerang! 

I met a lot of mystical creatures who called themselves Zinkies. They knew I was from Earth and we could communicate through our mind! Boomerang happens to be the first stop for anyone who tries to time travel, making the planet's physical condition suitable for anyone's existence. But there was a problem. My teleportation slightly tilted the Earth's rotational axis and It took a while for me and my buddies there to figure out how I could get back. But this also gave me a chance to get to know about Bommerang and the Zinkies. And I'm so glad I did! All the craziness that went on the planet has inspired me to open up 'The Happiness Factory'.

Welcome to The Happiness Factory

And guess what! One of them wanted to experience Earth and is helping out with operations at The Happiness Factory! Read about Pixie , who writes all happy notes, comes up with design ideas and also secretly adds Happiness Boosters in all the packets that go out. 
And hey! Don't forget to follow us on social media to stay updated about how we try to make Earth a happier planet?  


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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