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4 last-minute Halloween snack ideas that will save your day!

Sheryl Thomas

Booooo! It is the spookiest time of the year... Are you guys all geared up for Halloween? Because I'm way too excited to go around playing "Trick or Treat"! If you love Halloween and you want to celebrate it with your friends, then what's stopping you? Dress up in your favourite costume and be the bestest host of a kickass party! Oops! Do you think it is too late to pull a fabulous party? Haha! Pixie is here to save your day. I've heard you, so I'll be throwing some crazy yet simple Halloween snack ideas your way. Would you mind giving it a read?

1. The Graveyard of Chocolate

Whoooops! How can Graveyard and Chocolates come together? Well! I've got it sorted for you and trust me, your guests will love it!



  • Crushed Oreo
  • Crushed Chocos
  • Oreo Cream
  • Gems
  • Melted Chocolate
  • Marie Gold Biscuits



1. Take a bowl and add the crushed Oreo, required amount of crushed Chocos and Gems to it.

2. Cut the Marie Gold biscuits into rectangular shapes and keep them aside.

3. Bring the Melted Chocolate and dip the cut biscuits into the chocolate. Make sure only half of the biscuits are dipped to give the perfect effect.

4. Take the Oreo cream that you scrapped out of the biscuits and mould them into bone shapes.

5. Place the biscuits on the Oreo-Chocos-Gems mixture like Tombstones. 

6. Decorate the graveyard with the Oreo bones. Tadaaaa!

7. Cut down small pieces of butter paper and write R.I.P using a marker for the best effect. 


2. Finger bites

This is going to get gross! But hey, have you ever wondered how would it feel like to eat your fingers while you are having food? Hehehe! I'm not gonna take it too far but let me give you a taste of it.



  • Ketchup
  • Bread sticks
  • Butter Paper



1. Cut the bread sticks into finger sizes.

2. Slice the top part of the bread stick to give the "Nail-Effect".

3. Cut the butter paper into appropriate sizes, dip them in ketchup and place it on the bread stick. (or) If you don't want to use bread paper, directly apply the ketchup on the sliced end of the bread stick. Your Finger bites are all ready to be munched!


3. Shades of Slime

There's no fun without slime and what's even better is making some edible slime!



  • 3-4 flavours of Jelly



1. Take 3-4 flavours of Jelly, preferably in different colours.

2. Put few portions of each flavour in a tiny bowl and mix them using a straw.

3. Serve them as one shot halloween desserts!


4. Cheesy Monstrosity 

Cheese is the best thing to have ever been invented! Nom nom! Agree? How can you miss out on cheese on your Halloween day? We've got an amazing idea for you.



  • Bread
  • Cheese slices



1. Use a knife or a ring mould to cut the bread into tiny round shapes.

2. Slice the cheese in the form of ribbons. 

3. Line the cheese on the round-shaped bread depicting a face covered with bandage.

4. Use paper and pen to make spooky eyes and teeth, to decorate the bread slices. 

While eating, don't forget to remove the paper from the slices. If you forget to do it, remember that eating bits of paper isn't that bad. It's all part of Halloween!


Gear up chef! Have a spooky Halloween!