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Wiggly Wag's Doodle Room ✏️

Doodle with Pixie | Beginner Basics

Pooja Sitharthan

Wishy Workshops and Whimsical Gumdrops! 🎉 When life on Earth is filled with experiences that cannot be traded, what is not fun? 20th Feb 2020 was a new day with Chotu from CAG and @kuppaimatters organizing my first 'Discussion through Doodle' Workshop.Special Thanks to Pink Shuki, Wiggly Wag and Hawk for the pre-drop hop to help me plan out the session, and to Doodle Doc for asking questions on Doodling that prompted me to write this blog!Presenting to you, a tiny portion of my experience from my days on Earth so far, which I hope helps you get onto the Doodle track.Why...

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