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Doodle with Pixie | Beginner Basics

Pooja Sitharthan

Wishy Workshops and Whimsical Gumdrops! 🎉 When life on Earth is filled with experiences that cannot be traded, what is not fun? 20th Feb 2020 was a new day with Chotu from CAG and @kuppaimatters organizing my first 'Discussion through Doodle' Workshop.

Special Thanks to Pink Shuki, Wiggly Wag and Hawk for the pre-drop hop to help me plan out the session, and to Doodle Doc for asking questions on Doodling that prompted me to write this blog!

Presenting to you, a tiny portion of my experience from my days on Earth so far, which I hope helps you get onto the Doodle track.

Why Doodle?

My favourite part about doodling is that you can give it your own form and definition. Here are three reasons why I think it could be part of your lifestyle. 

  1. It helps in concentration
  2. It is a fun way to journal thoughts
  3. It makes remembering 'complicated' information easier

The forthcoming blogs are going to be just about that! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Now, getting to basics, 

How to get started?

Once you’re travelling through your doodling journey, the tools you use can encourage you to do more or less of it.

Although a Pencil is highly recommended for beginners, if you think your confidence is challenging you to move forward, here are some of my favourites to get started with.

Doodle Pen Options

Packaging boxes, Courier covers, hands and faces are easily available surfaces. But for practicing, lets’s consider papers?

Choosing a good paper type is as important as choosing your pen. Sketchbooks with 100 to 130 GSM papers would be good enough for ink to not bleed through.

Anandha Stationery Store in Adyar, Chennai, has a wide range of Sketchbooks with different paper types suitable for most medium. I love this tiny one (INR 80) that’s so compact and easy to carry! 

Anandha Stationery Stores

Finding your personal favourite tools mayyy take some time, considering so many available options. Listed below are some stores from my stay in Chennai that’ll make you want to put on your explorer hat.

Popcorn Time!

With Internet taking over the planet, Inspiration is easy to grab. Cartoon TV Shows and Artists have always helped me activate my brain cells. Paying attention to what aesthetically pleases you is just enough to get started.

Here are some examples below with my favourite features, which I think played a major role in getting myself to start Doodling.

TV Shows:

Name  Favorite Feature
Mr.Bean. The Animated Series
  • Black Outline to highlight main subjects
  • Bright Happy Colors
Lizzie McGuire
  • The doodled version of the main character being more personal, comical, dramatic and fun.
  • Bright Happy Colors


Name  Favorite Feature
Kerby Rosanes
  • Tiny detailed elements that make up his entire artwork
Vince Okerman a.k.a Vexx
  • Doodling on various surfaces

And here, some of my latest work. 🎉 Do you see the features reflected? 

Pooja Sitharthan

Pooja Sitharthan

Pooja Sitharthan

Pooja Sitharthan

Pooja Sitharthan

Pooja Sitharthan

...and a few of my work from 2014 that reminds me of how consistency can have a tremendous impact on quality.

Pooja Sitharthan

Pooja Sitharthan

Woaaahhhh, Hold on!  The Time Machine at The Happiness Factory has been making odd sounds and dispensing free printable worksheets for you.

Will you come back to check em’ out? I’ll make sure the news about it is posted on my Instagram page. (@thepixiepants). Pinky Promise! 🌟

I hope you have a Happy Doodling Journey! 

Swooooooosh! 🚀

Pixie Pants