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Anchale Ayngaranesan

Hi hi hi hi !!!

I’m so excited to share this space with you all, on this planet!

In case you don’t know me yet, my name is Fi and I am from Boomerang! I dropped in a mail to my best friend Pixie, to let her know about my impromptu visit! I like surprises! I recently finished a kickass vacay in Mars and thought I’d stop by Earth and say hello to everyone.

I’ve been travelling between planets using my Special Boots, and my mission on planet Earth is to ‘SPREAD SELF-LOVE’. I am loving my time here so far and I’ve also made few friends since I look Human.

Today I am going to Delhi by train from Chennai. This is my first long train journey, and I am going to be using this travel time of one and a half days to talk to you all and to also study people in the train.

The time is now 4:15 PM

I’m currently on the train at Chennai Central. I am going to miss the Filter Coffee and Pakodas until I am back!

The train is slowly starting to chug it's way towards the North. I am sharing my compartment with another girl, who looks about 26.

She looks stressed and confused and is crying on the phone.

I give her some tissues to dry her eyes and some halwa that I had bought at one of the local shops in Mylapore.

I have a secret to tell you at this moment. A secret about me. I have the super power of passing ‘Positive Emotions’ into another person. All I have to do is transfix my eyes on them and imagine I am that person and start growing positive thoughts. Once I am done, I can snap out of it and leave the other person with my thoughts. 

I almost want to use this on her, but before that, I ask her the reason for her despair.

She told me that she was not happy with her career and was tired of not knowing what she wanted to do and where she wanted to be. She was working as a sales assistant in Vijayawada (the next train station) and she had an abusive step mother. She was 25 and wanted to study more but could not afford to because of financial reasons. She was dealing with anxiety and depression and sick of all the anti-depressants she had to take. She was nervous about her future.

I ask her to inhale and Smell 3 things, Feel 4 things and Look at 5 things around her. Meanwhile, I begin planting my thoughts into her.

I realize and accept that unlike this train journey, I would never know where I am going. I want to go on indefinite no-destination road trips and it has taken me almost 26 years to understand that the way in which my life runs and chugs, is one big fat journey by itself.

I’ve stumbled and fallen down a hundred million times especially in the last 2 years. There have been days when I would grasp for air like a goldfish out of water and still go to work and get shit done. I would wake up from nightmares every single night until this moment.

Today I promise to teach myself that I would NEVER get the answers for all hundred million questions floating in and out of my head. I am going to ask myself,

‘What is the best thing I can do in this situation? Do I Enjoy thr breeze and the chug of the train or do I think of what is worrying me and worry about it more?'

I feel like I am suspended in mid-air not knowing what to do, but I also do realize that THIS is the time to FLY! I promise to spread my wings and trust the wind to do its work.

I have finally realized that I would never know where I am going but I DO know where I want to be. I am going to let that gap inspire me and I am going to be my own rock.

I promise to give myself time because this is NOT an overnight epiphany and this is NOT Magic. Quick fixes are going to fall apart easily. Healing is process and healing is a different journey by itself.

I blink my eye and look at the girl sitting opposite to me. She looks at me wide eyed and says ‘I am going to FLY’.

The train halts at Vijayawada.

10:20 PM.

(To be continued)

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