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Station 02

Anchale Ayngaranesan

From STATION 01…

I blink my eyes and look at the girl sitting opposite to me. She looks at me wide eyed and says, ‘I am going to FLY’.

The train halts at Vijayawada.

10:20 PM.



‘Jaldhi Jao’ (meaning: Go fast) I hear a 65-year-old looking man tell his granddaughter as he slightly nudges her to hop off the train.

The train is stopping for only 10 minutes before it starts chugging it’s way to Delhi again.

Small scale vendors come in selling Chicken Biryani with fully boiled egg and water bottles. I am sceptical about this, I take a note to ask my friend Sky Fries about this. She knows so much about what to eat and where to eat!

I have a button on my left wrist that I use when I feel tired. I feel sleepy like everyone else on Earth, but all I must do is press this button to remain awake and active. And I really want to stay awake tonight because like I mentioned before, my goal for Planet Earth is to spread Self-Love!

A hawker runs inside the train with a woven bag overflowing with hair clips and hair bands and sits adjacent to me. She looks exquisite with melanin rich skin and a dimple showing off her high cheek bones. She looks about 35 years old, I smile at her but she scoffs at me and turns away. The train starts inching it’s way away from Vijayawada.

“Hi, you look beautiful”, I tell her, and she stares at me as if I were joking. She takes a mirror out from a cloth bag tied to the waist part of her saree and says, “Here, look at me. How is this beautiful? I’ve got wrinkles under my eyes and I am not ‘white’. I am too scrawny, and you can see my ribs through my starchy saree blouse. I’ve got stretch marks on my legs and my skin under my arms sag all the time.”

I for sure know that I need to use my super power on her now, I look into her eyes

‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the darkest of them all?’

I am so proud of myself for standing out.

Do you know my skin, Like soil Waters tresses And Adds colour to flowers?

My skin Like magnet, attracts light and bleeds it into the dawn?

My colour and I are SO vivid that you can’t help but see it, everywhere… Like when the sun today evening sighed in defeat and went into hiding into my eyes to reveal one million fireflies that lit up the sky.

To that boy who pointed out that that red lipstick is too bright on me, to that man who rejected me since he wanted his to-be wife to be only fair, to that shopkeeper who disapproved the cream saree on me since it made me look only darker;

My body, is not your home.

From the next time the dawn breaks, I am going to wake up every day and remind myself that my mind and body is so bloody beautiful, and my heart is so full of gold.

I am going to stand in front of my mirror and look at the colour and size of the love in my heart. Pay attention to what stirs my heart and to all what causes peace to drip down from my bones.

Today, I am redefining myself with shades of


#Loving more than I receive.


#Chasing the wind while I run to catch the train


#Being my own Rainbow


#Dancing on the train stations to my own lyrics


#Accepting myself

To my size M arms and size S body, lack of butt, one sunken tooth, pigmentation, love handles and that one strand of white hair, you are beautiful.

Dark is not disgrace. Fat does not spell ugly. Thin always does not indicate starvation.

My stretch marks are beautiful, like constellations connecting stars.

I am sexy for all the kindness.

I am a fleeting fantasy.

The train suddenly screeches, and I blink. The gorgeous hawker lady winks at me as well and tells me ‘Thank you for calling me beautiful. I am going to celebrate my body for how it is and crack all stereotypes.’

The world can adjust.

I turn my power button off and go to sleep, with a head and heart (yes, people from Boomerang have a similar heart too, just that it pumps some extra glitter).

(To be continued)

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