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Station 03

Anchale Ayngaranesan


The train suddenly screeches, and I blink. The gorgeous hawker lady winks at me as well and tells me ‘Thank you for calling me beautiful. I am going to celebrate my body for how it is and crack all stereotypes.’

The world can adjust.

I turn my power button off and go to sleep, with a head and heart (yes, people from Boomerang have a similar heart too, just that it pumps some extra glitter).



I wake feeling nauseated and immediately run to the tiny smelly toilet to throw up. I have been feeling not too great lately, and hence, the delay in my story telling.

My sickness is probably because I left my red mud supplement in Boomerang.

There are loud noises in the station and I peep outside of the train to see what it is all about. The station signs read ‘Ramangudam’, aah, like a Tongue Twister!!

A group of friends hop into the train and they are loud and super excited, and I immediately smack my lips because I have a GREAT IDEA and I am not going to control peoples’ thoughts and make it positive. I am going to transfix them to get them to talk to me, one by one and converse with them and help find their own answers.

Time is 2:55 AM.

The train starts chugging it’s way to the last stop, Delhi and I use my super power to get my new friends talk to me, one by one. 

The girl with curly hair and big round glasses: “I have always taken a little ‘longer’. I have taken time to study and finish my homework and I cry on the nights before my exams. I have always taken longer to let go off people and I have taken even longer to start driving. I have taken longer to have my first kiss. I open Facebook and Instagram and everyday I see people my age climbing mountains and taking the bull by its horns. But I, do not even know what I can eat next.”

Me: Where is the Time line? Where is the rule saying that you need to have a job at this age and you need to get married at X age?

The thin tall boy wearing corduroy: “I feel too much, and I empathize too much. Being a man, this is not accepted easily by my family and friends. The other day I cried because my best friend was going through a divorce and I was made fun off. These days, mostly, I shut myself up for extended periods of time and I feel empty.”

Me: It’s okay to feel too much. Earth lacks empathy anyway. Honestly, not everyone is gifted with the ability to feel, so do not beat yourself up for being so sensitive. People like you keep the world beating. And hang on, in a world that preaches about feminism, don’t you think that men and vulnerability deserve a place?

The chubby girl with freckles on her nose: “I’ve been fighting with PCOS for the last 8 years due to which I’ve gained a lot of weight and my skin and mood are never in control at the same time. I shamelessly feel bad for weighting 80 kilos at 20 years of age. I try and eat healthy and even work out 3 days a week. I always feel super conscious of going out and socializing because I always have acne and my skin is never flawless. Most days, I cry without an actual reason and I feel completely misunderstood.”

Me: Being healthy is crucial baby, but being you is beautiful and understanding this is even more crucial. Beauty lies in your crooked tooth, the freckles on your nose. It is your smudged make up and how your heart runs a million miles per hour when you see people smile with all their heart. What is with you defining beauty as long hair, curves and flawless skin?

The girl with a clumsy walk. “I’ve been called not ‘adult enough’ because I walk reverse on escalators and dance on the road. I’ve been called ‘weird’ because growing up I always said, ‘I want to change the world for the better’. Nowadays I feel extremely cautious and I am not able to be the happy-go-lucky person I used to be.”

Me: Now is the good time to do what you want to do. So start now. Because the world needs you and your magic. If you want to change the world and do not know how, smile at strangers or go plant a sapling or pet a dog. You and I do not have to fit-in with the world. The world can adjust.


I repeat, the world can adjust.

I unleash the 4 from my transfix and let them go. I smile because I know that when I return to Boomerang, these 4 young adults will do my job.

Because really, look at you, you have survived 100% of your bad days so far. Even if you had your hands and heart broken, You have made it. You are badass.

One little action creates a chain reaction.


(To be continued)


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