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Station 06

Anchale Ayngaranesan

From STATION 05…

In this world that teaches me to mask my pain and hide my feelings, I am giving myself permission to take up space and to be undeniably human.

And if you are going through what I go through, I see you and I hear you. Let’s break taboos, together and create ‘stare-free’ worlds with more of ‘I understand’ and ‘I will lend you my hand’.

As I remove the transfix, the girl walks up to the boy who commented on her and tells him “Do you want to tell me something, brother?”.

I smile and go back to reading @thepleatedbook.



@thepleatedbook was a GREAT read. The author has depicted the life of her grandmother through different colours of her saree and has also provided a glimpse into the lives of some of the amazing women from South India.

As I finish reading the book and after almost 11 hours and 30 minutes, the train screeches itself to Stop at Samba. There is still 2 hours left to reach Jammu.

Suddenly, the outbreak of Corona Virus seems to have gone out of control and there is expected curfew for 21 days. The newspapers are all about deaths and curfew rules that need to be followed.

Everyone is urged to stay at home.

I plan where to stay in Jammu in isolation as the train starts chugging itself to the final stop. I hear a lady asking a child (probably a friend’s) what the child wants to be when he grows up.

But, why?

What does the child know at 10 years old about who he wants to be later in life?

The child says 'pilot'.

The lady says 'why not a doctor, you could do great things by treating people?'.

But why a doctor?

I'm sure he does not know nor understand what it takes to become a pilot nor a doctor now.


I transfix myself to the lady. I do not even request permission from her.


I wish people teach kids to clear their plates in a restaurant and to smile at strangers and share their lunch. To pick up their friend who fell down during a running race. Let them be everything that all good people forget they deserve. 

I wish they teach their children to save and share and spend for what makes them happy. I wish they teach their children that examination marks do not define them.  

I'm sure they would figure it out later if they wanted to be a pilot or a doctor or a 'person'. Because that's enough. 

The world tomorrow, relies on the kids today and as adults it’s our responsibility to nurture them with right thoughts.

Because one day you and I would only remember him for how much he loved, how he loved and if he were a 'good person' or 'kind person'.  Designations, caste, creed, colour, gender to not matter one bit because.

So, starting now, I am going to let my kids chase their dreams and I am going to set a chain reaction for parents to let their children be themselves, to aspire more and to inspire even more.


I remove the transfix.

She tells her friend’s child,  ‘You will fly high’.

I smile to myself as I dial my friend Ammu.

6:00 AM.

(To be continued)


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