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Station 08

Anchale Ayngaranesan


Depression can be debilitating. But from right now, I am going to trust in the process and focus on one small thing at a time. I am going to choose cycling in the flower garden and eating one fruit a day to feel good about my body first.

I am going to start blogging from today because I realise that writing is what feeds my soul.

I am going to write so much, so that it would reach at least 10 other people and make a difference in their lives.

It’s not going to be easy, but what does not kill me should make me stronger isn’t it?

I saw Ammu smile right from her heart for the first time in 3 months. A smile without pretence as she open her laptop and started building her website.

I have never been more happier.

 Sending you all so much affirmation to TRUST yourself and in the Universe.

It’s okay to not be okay.


STATION 08 (actually not a train station this time, but AN AIRPORT!)

 @ Jammu Airport, 08:45 AM.


What an Earthy journey has this been?!

I stand on my tip toes and peep above the shoulders of a girl with curly hair in front of me to see a long, long, LONG queue at the immigration counter. She was wearing a bright blue t-shirt that said “You are stronger than you think you are” on the back.

It’s been 10 months since the Covid19 pandemic commenced and 1 month since the lock down eased. I spent some more spicy chai days with Ammu before I packed by bags, finally, to the HIMALAYAS! I hope and believe that all of you wonderful humans who have been reading all of my travel blogs would know by now how to get to the Himalays! HAHA.

I’m catching the flight to Kathmandu now and from there I would be boarding another flight to Lukla.

Lukla is 45 minutes from The Himalays and I would be joining a base camp troop there. From Madras filter coffee to the Momos with Nepali chutney, this journey has been nothing but a delight. Coming from Boomerang, all of this is an adventure.

All of a sudden, the girl in front of me turns to me and asks, “Do you want to conquer the Everest?”. This took me aback. All I could see was pure passion and my reflection in her eyes.

As I stood dumfounded, she went on; “My name is Anu Vidya and I have been vegan for 8 years. I’ve always wanted to climb the Everest. So I took a break from work for the last 5 years, trained hard and FINALLY did it during the ides of March, two years ago. I now take a break from being a Psychologist and Animal assisted therapist, animal rescuer and artist, and volunteer as a guide at the Everest base camp. When you climb Everest, can you please hoist this flag?”. She then gives me a flag that said ‘Liberation FOR All’, that had a hand drawn picture of domesticated animals used for meat.

I nod frivolously at how deep the message on the flag looked and also my heart soar so high in happiness at that moment to know that Anu was speaking out for the oppressed.

I got chatting to her in the flight. For the first time, I did not have to transfix myself on someone. Anu was full of positivity that I almost thought she was from Boomerang! She had a notepad where she kept sketching and doodling throughout the flight journey and all of her work on the notepad reflected how beautiful she was in and out. Her and her family serve watermelon juice to the public in Chennai every March to help people during one of the hottest months. I am definitely visiting them if I happen to be in Chennai next March!

This encounter was so meaningful to me since it iterated the faith that we all are bound by nothing but  goodness.

Few hours later I stand here, ready for my next venture with Anu’s flag in my hand and the lines from her happy note that said “Life will test you but remember this, when you walk up a mountain your legs get stronger…”.



To more and more learning and to more and Anu Vidyas <3


I’ll see you all soon.

Love you,

Fi Heaps.

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