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5 crazy doodle artists to follow on Instagram

Happy Stories

Instagram is a happy place for happy content. Thatโ€™s where we unearthed these 5 gems who have been inspiring people using their crazy doodles and we bet that you would find their worth mind-blowing. If you are bored or sad or irritared or anything for that matter, take a look at the works of these lovely artists and it will immediately put a smile on your faces.

1) Chibird - Jacquline


Instagram: @chibirdart

If you love cute little doodles that remind you of kawaii creatures, then Chibird will make you fall in love. Chibird is a doodle blog owned by Jacquline a.k.a Jackie. Her doodles come out as tiny strip-comics, serving you every day motivation and can absolutely brighten your day. Chibird started off with her doodling journey when she was in her second year of high school. Since then, it has been a long journey. Right now, she has graduated high school and is doodling her heart out.

2) Buddha Doodles - Molly Hahn


Instagram: @buddhadoodles

Think about Buddha Doodles and all you will remember is Happiness. Molly Hahn draws every comic inspired with utmost spirituality spreading happy messages, colours and characters. In 2011, she started her journey with Buddha Doodles after suffering from a lot of trauma. The outcome of her stress was something that helped others stay happy. Her success was well received in several countries and soon she released 5 different books illustrated with her hearty doodles. She currently freelances at

3) Vexx - Vince Okerman


Instagram: @vexx

What do you think when you take a first look at Vince Okermanโ€™s doodles? They are a bomb of colourful graffiti art. Born in Belgium, he shot to fame by posting his art works on Instagram in 2014. Later, he took it to Youtube and currently has around 900k+ subscribers. This 19-year old wonder, keeps inspiring people to take up art with his brilliant work. Why not check his art out?

4) Mr.Doodle - Sam Cox

Website: www.mrdoodle.comย 

Instagram: @mrdoodle

The master of B/W doodles โ€“ Thatโ€™s how I would call him. What started off as a scribbling habit in childhood for the British lad, turned out into a doodling spree for Sam Cox, who doodles on almost everything he sees. Right from walls to tables, he registers his art wherever he goes. His doodle art is purely black and white and covers a range of mystical creatures from other planets (spice up your imagination!). He has been doodling for a lot of biggies like MTV and you can check out his works anywhere on the internet.

5) Kerby Rosanes


Instagram: @kerbyrosanes

Based out of Philippines, Kerby Rosanes is a huge fan of monochrome doodles, picking out inks and markers to show his talent. He quit his full time job of being a graphic designer in 2014 and set out to take his passion to the next level. He started working as a freelancer, selling his art-work to his clients. His success soared to a whole new level as he sold out 5 books that he illustrated. At 25, Kerby is someone who stands as an inspiration to all the aspiring artistic minds out there.

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