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Coz it's Equinox Day today! Let's Celebrate 💥

Sheryl Thomas

Do you remember my good-old friend from Boomerang, Equinox? ⚡️💁🏻

Yayyyy! Just wanted to tell you it's his birthday today and I can't wait to celebrate it. I am more than excited and I am jumping up and down the bed.

My bud Equinox was born on the Equinox Day. For all those who have no idea what today is all about, let me just tell you in short...💁🏻

Equinox Day

This phenomena is super-cool. Most of us have heard about long nights in winter and longer days in summer. But this is one special day where the duration of both day and night is equal. Isn't that fascinating? That is when my buddy Equinox saw the light of this world. He's a marvel, isn't he? He's as crazy and wonderful as me. If you think I'm awesome, then I bet you would love him too. 

What's happening today?

So I wanted to celebrate this day like never before. Here's Pixie Pants sharing Happiness Boosters with my fellow humans ⚡️❤️

Get upto 40% off on all the products listed out on The Happiness Factory. The offer is valid till stocks last. Hurrryyyyyy! Before someone else grabs your favourite product off the shelf and runs away with it. The race is on and you might want to strap your boots tighter for this one!

Happy Shopping y'all! 😁

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