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Get, Set and Go hit the follow button of these Doodle Comic Artists from India!

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Let’s go a decade back in earth-time and look at how art was perceived in India. Haaaa! You would never have imagined the way it happens to exist today. Yeah! You gotta agree with Pixie because I know that I’m right. If art has grown so much today, it is all because of the super-cool artists who seem to be churning out interesting and refreshing pieces. We unearthed some rare gems for our very own Mother India who cannot stop drawing/doodling crazy-cute comics that end up putting a wide smile on all our faces. If you are still not following these super-humans, then gooooo hit the FOLLOW button right away!

 1. Doodleodrama

Based out of Bangalore, Mounica Tata is the face behind “Doodleodrama”. Having 2 adorable fur babies – Sir Leo and Captain Ollie she spends more of her time running around her floofs and for the rest of the time she is high on coffee and doodling her heart out. All her doodle concepts are inspired out of daily-happenings in the society and anybody would be able to relate to it.


You can follow her works on her Instagram handle: @doodleodrama

 2. Neha Doodles

If crazy ever had another definition, then Neha Sharma would be the perfect fit to it. Known by her Instagram name “Neha Doodles” and based out of Delhi, she doodles out various comic series’ that you can find on her Instagram account. Her recent comics on “Minty is the new black” with her co-worker and bestest bud Minty (her floof) is a winner! If you ever have a bad day, then head over to her Insta stories and enjoy a hearty laugh.


Follow her on this Insta handle: @neha.doodles

3. Brown Paperbag Comics

This artist by the name “Brown Paperbag Comics” draws out everyday scenarios that are relatable for most indians out there. So realistic and outright witty, you can’t help but just laugh your heart out reading his mini-comics. Sailesh Gopalan has done a fantastic job in capturing the happening scenarios and doodling them with his artistic fingers that we are awestruck by his creativity and wanted to share them with you.


Follow his works on Insta via this handle: @brownpaperbagcomics

4. Alicia Souza

Does this name ring any bells? Well, no? Then you are definitely missing out on something. Alicia Souza lives in Bangalore and draws the cutest comics on earth. All her comics are inspired by her daily life, her madness for chips and her love for her babies Charlie Brown and Henry Oats. Of course, her comics about her Husband George are the best of the lot. She even dedicated a website for her husband with little comics. She now owns an estore selling her brand. You can check out her products on:


Check out her Instagram handle: @aliciasouza

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