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5 coolest eco-friendly brands in India that are redefining sustainable products

Sheryl Thomas

For all the favours that Earth has done for us, we owe the Earth a million. How to keep our mother Earth safe and happy? We can do the little we can, resorting to eco-friendly ways. Since my time on Earth, I’ve always wanted to make sure that I use stuff that are easily degradable or doesn’t involve plastic (Secret: We do not have plastics on Boomerang). This has worked really great for me as I uncovered very many brands that are trying to promote eco-friendly living by manufacturing sustainable products. So if you are looking to go all “Eco”, then check this out:

1. Arture

Fashion rules the world these days. In a world of Fashion, Arture is simply a winner having found out the key to make upcycled fashion products that strike a statement. Started by Shivani and Keshsa in 2015, Arture makes products out of cork fabrics and are 100% vegan. Their products include a wide range of wallets for men and women, bags, stationery, card cases and laptop sleeves.


Wanna shop from Arture? Here you go! – Arture’s Website.

2. Wallistry

With a vision to promote a pollution-free lifestyle, Wallistry was started by Anjanakshi. The products at Wallistry are all eco-friendly and vouch for sustainable living. They have upcycled products like notebooks, coasters made out of raw wood and bottles made out of Terracotta.wallistry-bottle


You can check out more of Wallistry’s proucts on their Instagram handle : @Wallistry.

3. Zouk

Living a possible 100% vegan lifestyle is difficult with most bags and wallets being made out of leather. But with start-ups like Zouk, your problems are sorted. Disha Singh, an IIM graduate had an idea to incorporate sustainable living into Fashion for the millennials after visiting Kutch. And that’s how Zouk was born. Zouk makes laptop bags, wallets, sling bags and pouches.


You can shop from Zouk here – Zouk Website.

4. Goli Soda

Did you have any idea that cool and quirky stationery can be made out of Elephant Poo? Well! If you are questioning this, then you need to check out Goli Soda. Upcycled products for every need like home decors, stationery, accessories, clothing, bags and footwear are available here.


If you wanna shop Goli Soda’s products, check out the website – Goli Soda.

5. Green Paper Works

Do you have any idea where all the Grape waste that is produced after churning Wine in the Vineyards, go to? Green Paper Works has done a fabulous work of converting these grape wastes into Paper. Ain’t that awesome? Based out of Mumbai, they use 100% waste products to make upcycled paper. So yayyy! Our trees are saved! Using these papers, they make boxes for packaging, sketchbooks and more.


Check out their website to know more: Green Paper works

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