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Let's solo travel like a boss with these fab tips


There’s nothing more liberating than wandering off to a serene space and having some alone-time. If you are one among the few who would agree with me on this, then solo-travel should be something you should at least try once in your life. Are you plotting to backpack and take your first solo-trip anytime soon? Then, we have the right set of advice for you. Here are some simple yet important things that you should have in your mind before packing your bags off and thank me later! * winks *

1) Do not carry excessive luggage

Always pack light when you are travelling to explore. This will reduce the fatigue and offer a pleasant travel. Too much is never really necessary when you are travelling, so be wise and pack what is required. Making a checklist before you pack would help. πŸŽ’

2) Pick a home stay instead of a hotel room

Hotel rooms are obviously boring, don't you think? Through websites like Airbnb you can easily locate home stays or hostels to the place you are travelling. It is safer, gives you the opportunity with other people who have backpacked to the place and offer a different experience altogether. 🏠

3) Make sure you fix a strong budget for the trip

Budget is one of the key factors when you are planning a trip. You don't wanna end of spending like crazy by travelling to one which might leave you broke for the rest of the year. So make sure to fix a stringent budget as possible and have an amazing trip. πŸ’΅

4) Go where you want to

The best time to explore is when you are travelling alone. You don't have anyone to limit you from going to specific spot as you are all on your own. Make sure you pick a spot you would love to visit and embark on the journey. Better yet, keep hiking randomly and enjoy your walk. 🚢🏻

5) Meet and interact with other travellers

When you are on a solo trip, you need to make sure you aren't bored without any human interaction. Interact with travellers around you and get some insights about the places they are willing to explore. Exchange of knowledge would help you get to know more about the place and make your trip even better. Also, who knows, you could make a friend for life. πŸ‘«

6) Try to learn the local culture and language

If you want to make your travel and stay worthwhile, it is best you learn at least a few words in the local language. The joy you get by communicating with the locals in their language is just amazing. You can also take back home some lovely experiences. 🎀

7) Maintain a list of emergency contacts

To be on the safer side, when you travel alone always make a list of the emergency contacts in a notebook and carry it with you at all times. Also, make sure you communicate about your whereabouts to at least one person away from you. πŸ“

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