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Build walls of Happiness together with Bhairave

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We have less than 2 months left. But we all know that you can help Bhairave raise funds to help brighten the lives of little enthusiastic children who have a thirst to learn.

Pixie tells you why we are pooling in for a good cause?

As we all know, Education is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us. (Of course, don’t argue with me on Love, you folks. I haven’t found someone yet. )😆

Education brightens up our ordinary lives and gives us the power to stand for what we want and desire. What if you got a chance to empower the lives of those tiny tots who have no money or place to learn for their life? What if you got a chance to make someone’s life more beautiful?😇


So hey! Here’s a chance to sponsor for the education of cute little darlings. ❤️Bhairave along with the Isha Foundation are joining hands to raise about 8.4 lakhs to build a class room in one of the many Isha Vidhya schools. This contribution will be solely directed towards building a classroom in the Coimbatore Isha Vidhya school which also includes the furniture cost. Most of the funds were raised by Bhairave offline. With 4.15 Lakhs remaining, she decided to use the platform of Letzchange to raise the rest of the amount. 💥


Isha Vidhya has been empowering education for the underprivileged community by raising funds and building schools. They have about 9 schools in Tamil Nadu and 1 in Andhra Pradesh. 🏫

Your tiny contribution towards helping Bhairave reach the target will put a smile on many faces. Are you up for it? We have less than 2 months to go now…. So don’t wait and just click on the link below to make your donations. 💁🏻


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