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From Infinite Engineers to Oscar Daisy: Jaikanth’s mammoth journey in a nutshell

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People who inspire others to do what they love are a rare kind and that’s what the Earth needs more of. With two start-ups – “Infinite Engineers” and “Oscar Daisy” to his kitty, Jaikanth is helping out Humans and Pets lead a happier and better life. Come on! Let’s find out more about his journey to making Earth a happier place for all.

The start of something bigger and better : Infinite Engineers

College is the most crucial part of our lives. We know this is going to lay the foundation to the future and we still have no idea what we are doing. This was the same for Jaikanth, until a moment in his 3rd year Under Graduation. Jaikanth had come up with a project for his paper and called it "The Blade Less Wind Turbine". He had a presentation on his project ready for submission. That’s when the breakthrough happened.

Infinite Engineers

“One day while my friend and I were roaming around my college we were followed by a Student Care personnel. We went inside the nearest seminar hall and sat in the last row. There was a presentation going in there with a lot of students and staff. A professor from our department caught us sitting there and asked "Why are you here?". We blabbered and said "We are here for the presentation". He said "This is the Finals. The Preliminary round was over last week. Anyway, give me your presentation" and he took our pen-drive. In a few minutes he came back and said "I've got a slot for you. Come and present in 5 minutes". That moment I thought to myself "I'm dead". 

That was my first ever stage presentation. I presented and ran away and didn't think twice about it. After about a month, the same professor came to me, shook my hands and said "You got the highest score in the finals", he added "since you didn't present during the preliminary round they gave you the 3rd place". That moment was the biggest breakthrough in my life. That was my first recognition. And then I started my journey towards solving real world problems. I understood that education is not about getting grades, it's about solving real world problems. “

A year later, Jaikanth had already 2 patents in hand for his projects. His effort was recognized by his college staffs, who reached out to him and encouraged him. He was also asked to mentor the other students in his batch. He understood the flaws that were in the education system and he sought out to solve this by offering education in a different form.

Infinite Engineers Jaikanth

“Since childhood, we are in a system where most of the concepts are taught in chalk and talk method, now it's evolved to smart boards. In a class of 40 to 50 students only a few students are visual and auditory learners. Every student has their own pace of learning, but our schools don't have enough facilities or care for each individual. Teachers are under the pressure to complete the syllabus, and so they go in their fast pace. When the exam pressure hits the students they end up memorising the concepts. This continues and becomes an habit of 
"learning for the sake of exams and grades". 
That's when I realised this is the biggest problem I have to solve. But I needed a team to make it happen. So I went and spoke to my friends in every department and a team of like minded people came together. We called ourselves "Infinite Engineers".”

He started “Infinite Engineers” on September 15, 2013 with two other friends Harish and Aravind, who joined in as Co-founders. Soon they started reaching out to schools by conducting workshops on Aero-modelling, Mechanical Engines, Electronics, Biotechnology & Robotics.

Check out the website of Infinite Engineers.

Extending his love for pets through Oscar Daisy

The way things fall in place are absolutely uncanny. When Jaikanth used to frequent to the Startup Leadership Program in Chennai, he met Praveen who also a pet-parent. When they usually discussed about pets and pet life, they understood how pets don’t receive the right kind of nutrition like humans do. That’s when Praveen pitched the idea about serving fresh and personalised food for dogs. They met a nutritionist and came up with an idea to kickstart this. Soon, they started cooking meals for doggies and sent trial packs to few pet parents who were absolutely thrilled and happy with this idea.

Oscar Daisy

“The response was overwhelming. Pet parents came back to us saying "We haven't seen our pet dog eating food like this before. He is a fussy eater with kibbles. But he loves your food". That's when Oscar Daisy started to reach a lot of pet parents in Chennai. We came up with a monthly subscription plan, where the food is personalised for each pet dog, prepared at our facility with fresh ingredients and is delivered at the door step.”

Currently, Oscar Daisy is being operated only in Chennai. Soon they are planning to expand to other cities as well in the future.

Follow Oscar Daisy on Instagram handle: Oscar.Daisy.

Hobbies, Inspiration and Words of Wisdom…


Do you have anyone who inspired you from your career perspective?

There are a lot of people who inspired me in this journey. First our parents, who supported us by believing in our vision when we decided not to go for campus placements. Mr. Srinivasan, The Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering at REC, who triggered me to focus on the problem in education. Mr. Ratheesh Krishnan, Chef du Adventures at SPI Cinemas is my inspiration for nurturing people and building the best culture & innovation inside the company. And of course, Iron man, Steve Jobs, Elon musk, Jack Ma and many more.

How does it feel to be working on something that you love the most?

It feels good to have freedom to experiment different things. We have a nice office, we don't follow government leave schedules, we don't have fixed work timings, we work late night, we take breaks, we fight, we make up.

What are your favourite hobbies?

Watching movies at Sathyam Cinemas, going to Marina Beach, working on art projects with my 4 year old niece Jhanvi, learning about business. 

Apart from working on Infinite Engineers and Oscar Daisy, what other activities are you involved in? 

It is always refreshing to work with younger students. I currently help a few young entrepreneurs with their startups.

If you had a chance to meet someone and learn from them, who would it be?

Salim Ismail, Author of Exponential Organizations.

If you wanted to make a pet's life better, what would you?

I would create parks and shelters for stray and abandoned dogs. 

Any piece of advice for people who want to do what they love, but are very scared to look forward?

You have just 80 years to live on an average. If you want to "live" your life, believe in yourself and do what you love. It might seem scary but if you're afraid to take the leap, you will end up regretting it.

 Anything that you would want to say to the pet lovers out there on how to provide nutrition to their pets?

Know what is in your pet's food. We as humans have so many different varieties of food to choose from. We prefer healthy and nutritional food. Similarly dogs have their own nutritional requirements to live a healthy long life. They eat whatever we give them but that doesn't mean they love it (have you ever tasted dog kibbles?! yuck). We should focus on giving them healthy, nutritional food, that is also good on their taste buds!

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