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Get cute little fridge magnets and figurines customized from Pink Feather’s Sanjana

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Cuteness Overload Alert! Before you proceed to read further know that you’ll be admiring at how amazing Sanjana’s creations are. Bringing to you a story that’s worth sharing with the whole wide world… Give it up for Sanjana and her adorable brand called “Pink Feather” that has products made out of the lesser-known “Bread Craft”. 💁🏻⚡️

Sanjana’s love for Art

A Multimedia and Interior Design degree holder, she chose to tread away from the normal route of pursuing a cliched career and followed her heart’s desire. Right from Childhood Sanjana was inclined to art and craft in every form. She encountered her love for art for the first time when she started going for art classes at the age of 3. During one of her art classes in Bangalore, she bumped into a teacher who introduced her to a unique form of art called the “Bread Craft”. She started taking Bread craft classes for about 2-3 months and then she discovered her new-found love for this craft. 🖼

If you are wondering what “Bread craft” is all about, it is a unique form of art that involves making miniature sculptures or tiny art pieces using bread. And No! If you wondering if it is edible, it is definitely NOT! 


After she was done with the Interior Designing course, she wanted to find a job for herself. But then she thought, “Why not art?” and that’s when the breakthrough happened. Her first ever stall was at a flea market festival in 2012 called Soul Sante that usually happens every 3 months in Bangalore. This turned out to be a huge success and orders kept pouring on and on. This also fired the name “Pink Feather”. Since then she has participated in 15 Soul Santes till date 🎉.

Why Pink Feather?

Sanjana’s dad was the brain-child behind naming her little start-up as “Pink Feather”. Soooo cool, isn’t it? The minute her dad called this out to her, she decided to go ahead with it 👏🏽.

Doing something that she absolutely loves

She always had that urge to start her own business but starting an Interior Design firm on her own came with a lot of constraints.

“I always wanted to work by myself. Although, I had plans to start my own Interior Designing firm. I was told that I had to work 5-8 years hard for it, under someone. But I didn’t really want to start off with working for someone. So I decided to follow my passion and work on something I love to do. Art is my first preference over anything. So that’s why I chose Pink Feather over everything. People started encouraging me a lot. Thanks to Soul Sante.”, says Sanjana.

Sanjana has been receiving some really ridiculous questions regarding her form of art. Peope come to her asking if it is edible as it is made out of bread. No! It isn’t edible. It is just like another form of art that you display in your show-cases or put it up on your fridge as a magnet! 😁

fridge magnets

She’s been receiving some incredible feedback about her products and that’s what keeps her going. You can see happy smiles gleaming when they get to open the packages…. And that is real LOVE! ❤️

 Pink Feather in the Future

Sanjana seems to be a one-woman army currently working on Pink Feather. But she sometimes hires people to take over painting for her bulk orders.

“All products are handmade by me. I like giving a personal touch to all the products that go out of my brand. I’ve always had the feeling that if they will able to do it just the way I do it. That’s one reason why I’ve always hesitated to hire another person to work on my products. Quality of the products matters the most.“


You might also spot a “Pink Feather” store in the next few years. Doesn’t that excite you? Although Sanjana once had an online store, it turned out that she started receiving more custom orders and the products available on the site sold out in limited quantities. Post this evaluation, she decided to let go of the website and started taking orders via social media handles. 💥😎 

Hobbies that excite Sanjana

Who would say no to Movies? Sanjana loves to watch them. Her other hobbies also include listening to music, surfing the internet and also serious online shopping. Hahaha!!

She is a big-time foodie who doesn’t miss out on the latest restaurants opening in the city. She also loves to cook and bake. She wants to delve into various aspects of baking and experiment with cakes and fondants 🎂.

Take-away from this working experience

“Be passionate about whatever you do. I am a perfectionist when it comes to work. I want each and every detail to be perfect. I want the finishing to be perfect. This is what I learnt out of making things eventually. There’s a lot of difference from what I was 5 years and what I am now. Follow your dreams and be happy in whatever you do.” adds Sanjana.

 You can check out her works on Facebook and Instagram….

And also make sure you place an order. We will be sending you brownies from The Happiness Factory! Teeeehee JK! 



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