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Get your Notebook covers customized and more from The Paper Dolphin's Urusha!

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The feeling you get while seeing new stationery can never be replaced ❤️. If you are one such crazy stationery fanatic, then you would be so glad to know about Urusha and her venture "The Paper Dolphin". 

Urusha's brainchild "The Paper Dolphin"

The Paper Dolphin is an online, Instagram-based stationery brand that makes notebooks, notecards, pens, pencils, and other stationery items, with only one thing in mind: To be as eco-friendly as possible. They use recycled paper in most of their products. How awesome can this be! 

So where did Urusha get this idea of naming her venture as "The Paper Dolphin"? Ahhaaa! We were wondering about the same too. Urusha's late aunt had the habit of gifting her anything that had dolphins on them. In order to pay homage to her loving aunt, Urusha named her brainchild as "The Paper Dolphin". 

An architect by profession, Urusha is crazy about anything stationery. She lately developed an interest for illustrations and product design. So she took this forward.

paper dolphin product

When Urusha was a happy child back in college, she started making custom gifts for her friends. During her intern period, she made a denim-covered notebook for one of her friends from an old rugged jean. This caught everyone's eyes and soon became a super-hit.

Incoming love from "The Paper Dolphin"

We asked Urusha how does it feel to own a brand? She thinks it is AWESOME! 

"It feels great to be your own boss! But at the same time, when you're starting something, you should be ready to do all the work by yourself. Not everyone will agree with you, but it doesn't matter if you're focused. Because only you will be answerable to your company, not anyone else.", she adds. 

hogwarts covercustomized notebook cover

There has been some sweet love inflowing from the customers. When every customer is satisfied with the product and post stories on Instagram, Urusha's heart leaps with joy.

The Paper Dolphin is planning to expand! Yayyyyy! Does that make you happy? You will be seeing some wedding stationery, poster designs, illustrations coming out of the store. If you love colouring, then a colouring book is also on the cards. They are also trying to get into retail outlets, co-working spaces and cafes in Chennai, Puducherry and Bangalore.

Hobbies, Inspiration and more...

Urusha loves to research about TV shows and movies, just like most of us. She also loves listening to music, creating recipes of her own, doodling, experimenting with art and laughing. Ahhh! Don't you get it? She is one HAPPY PERSON.

"I'd love to meet Sir Quentin Blake, an illustrator famous for his work in the Roald Dahl Books. His illustrations and colour choices look effortless. If given an opportunity, I'd be honoured to get a master class from him." she says.

Believe in yourself! This is the biggest lesson that Urusha has learnt out of stepping into "The Paper Dolphin". She goes by the saying, "Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard."

So how many eco-friendly brands have products that include customisation? Well, we know that's a handful. The Paper Dolphin will be ready to customise notebook covers just the way you want. Does that make you happy?

Also check out more of their works on their Instagram handle: @thepaperdolphin.

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