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How a College Project evolved into a beautiful Brand called Terku? Ask Fariha!

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Combining Eco-friendly with Affordable fashion is a big challenge in today's fashion world and Terku's Fariha seems to be doing everything right to make things click. πŸ’₯

In today's episode we'll be taking a look at this superwoman Fariha Begum and her inspirational find "Terku Designs".πŸ’πŸ»

How it all began for Terku!

Terku is a sustainable brand that manufactures bags by working with a bunch of weavers and craftsmen from down south. They use upcycled eco-friendly cotton yarn to weave a bunch of fun and vibrant striped patterns. These fabrics are later converted into a wide range of bags, wallets, laptop sleeves and much more in Chennai. All the products are handmade and hand-crafted by Fariha and her differently-abled super-buddy who work out of a little space in Chennai.


From a College Project to a Dream Brand

Fariha did her Under-Graduation in Interior Design from SIET College and went on to complete masters specialising in Textile Designing from Stella Maris College, Chennai. During her third semester, she had taken an industrial trip to the Textile Hubs of Tamil Nadu. It is during this trip, that she was very much inspired by the weaving community. The beautiful craft struck a charm inside Fariha and she wanted to revive it by giving it a new spin and creating something different. And so, during her final semester, she went on to work with these weavers and completed her college project successfully which became a super-hit. And this my friends is how Terku was born. So give it up to our dear friend, Fariha Begum for all her ardent efforts in bringing this craft back to life. πŸ‘πŸ½


Why did she name the brand as "Terku"? Terku as in Tamil stands for "South". She wanted to attribute the inspiration to the weavers in the southern community and that's the reason she stuck to naming her brand the same way.Β 

The biggest learning phase!

Fariha's parents were super-supportive when she went ahead and pitched the idea. They were more than happy for her to walk in her joyous path. When she displayed her products in a show right after college, every single piece that Fariha had designed as part of her project was sold out. This was a wake-up call for her to pursue this idea strongly.


"I have learnt that things don't always go according to what you have planned. Not everyone will follow the same timelines and deadlines that I keep. That is something I have come to terms with. Upscaling the project into a brand and outsourcing work was quite a challenge. Every single thing from procuring the raw materials to finding the right craftsmen was through a whole lot of experimentations."Β remarks Fariha as her biggest lesson she learnt out of starting Terku.

Working for Terku: Irreplaceable

"There are ups and downs with any business. However the satisfaction you get out of it, you can't compare to anything else. Something you make from your own hands, something you spend so much time to create is truly a part of you. The joy and happiness that the final outcome gives is worth all the sleepless nights."Β says Fariha.

The main aim of Terku is to revive traditional handcrafts by making and selling interesting products using them. Their products were first put out for display and sale in June 2017 and they have produced many really happy customers since then. You could say that because of such happy feedbacks, Terku has grown by leaps and bounds.Β 

Fariha is looking to retail her products in retail stores across Chennai and India in the future. She is also aiming to open her own workshop where she can display her products. Right now you can find Terku products available at the 5th Avenue store in Besant Nagar. You can also contact them viaΒ InstagramΒ to place your orders.

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