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How Tejas met with Freestyle Football? An enchanting journey to be told!

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Since y’all are from earth, let me ask you a question! Do you know what Freestyle Football is all about? If yes, then that’s just amazing. If not, let me tell you. It is one of the coolest forms of football which is nothing like conventional football. As the name reads “Freestyle” you can go about doing all those tricks with your football as you wish. Doesn’t that seem like a lot of fun? So if you are looking to learn a new sport, why not give this a shot? Today we are going to talk about someone who is creating a huge buzz about this super-sport especially in India. Give it up for Tejas, the founder of Sparky Football.

A new-found love for Freestyle Football

Just like most of us, Tejas took the familiar route of getting into an engineering college. But his journey didn’t stop right there. By doing things that make him happy, he wanted to share his happiness with the world which is why he stepped out of doing the most "Stereotypical" engineering degree by donning the feathers of "Freestyle Footballer and Trainer" in his cap. Isn’t that awesome? This certainly gives most of us the inspiration to follow our dreams and have trust in our own self.


In 2014, his life took a mighty turn. When he stepped into the Indiafest Freestyle Football Championship, all the hardwork he had put into the sport saw the light of the world. He walked home as a proud winner of this fitting contest. Since then, Tejas has had some incredible experiences in Freestyle Football.

And "Sparky Football" is born

Today his dream is not just a dream. He is living it and making lives happen for many kids out there who want to dream just like he did. By doing everything in his strength he finally established "Sparky Football " in Bangalore, an abode for the happy little ones who can't afford Football training but truly deserve to be showered with love and "Everything-Football". So if you know anyone who would be interested in learning the sport, Tejas will be more than happy to offer some help.


Heyyy! And that's not it, Tejas has been to a lot of other countries trying to spread huge football dreams and also he was the "Youngest Speaker at TEDx India" at the age of 20. The past few months of his football journey have been absolutely crazy covering Indonesia, Himalayas, Varanasi, Sikkim, Bhutan and also some parts of South India. Currently Tejas is swiftly recovering from an injury and we all hope he’ll be back soon to show us his Freestyle Football moves.

Meanwhile, you can follow his journey on his Instagram handle: @tejas_football. To know more about his initiative “Sparky Football”, check out their Insta page: @sparky_football.


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