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Meet Lalitha, who's favourite thing to do is embrace her Wanderlust

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How do you define "Travel"? Travel has a whole new meaning for every individual. If you ask me, I'd say, going back and forth from Boomerang and Earth is quite a travel and I certainly enjoy it. The diversities between both the planets have always stunned me. For some people, Travel is about taking a break from their daily routine and having a weekend-getaway. For the others, Travel is about going to a fancy foreign country. For the adventurous, it is all about unravelling trekking destinations. But for some, Travel is not just a part of their life, it becomes their everything. We are going to meet one such person who's muse is to keep moving, keep exploring and never lose the Wanderlust in her. Say hello to our solo backpacker, Lalitha Mahaadevan. πŸ’πŸ»πŸš²

From being a corporate star to hiking the trails of India

Lalitha completed her post graduation from the Madras School of Social Work and landed a corporate job which she loved doing. A Human Resource executive at a top corporate firm, Lalitha was all into her job. Driving her everyday wagon with such passion wasn't enough and she slowly began to realise about her life's purpose.Β 


Soon after a trip that she took during her work period, she started to fall in love with travel. She was so tempted to let everything go, pack her bags and wander off to some destination. With an array of thoughts clouding her head, she finally decided it was time to take the call. She quit her job in April 2017, booked a one-way ticket to Kolkata and she took off in May. She went on a 3-month journey and explored Kolkata, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Nepal, Uttarakhand, Himachal, Kashmir (Leh and Ladakh) and headed home at the end of July 2017. This was a first of her experiences, packing her bags and travelling solo which went on to inspire her to travel more.πŸ›£

Experiences that never grow old

You must be wondering how her parents agreed to quitting her job or you must be thinking that her parents were absolutely easy-going. But no! Lalitha had her own share of explanations to give her loved ones. In the end, all they did was let her follow her happiness. Ain't that so sweet?Β 

After her big trip in May, she came back home and did freelancing stints in Event Management to fill her pockets, between August 2017 and January 2018. Money is, of course, essential to hop from one place to another. Meanwhile, she also made a trip to explore Amristar in October 2017 for around 10 days.


What Chennaite are you if you don't make a mandatory trip to Auroville once in a while? Lalitha was off soon in Feb 2018 and stayed inside Auroville. She cherished the eco-friendly beauty of the entire place, right from food, to handicrafts to transport and made her way back to Chennai. πŸ˜„

All through her trips she was lost with nature. Being born in a metropolitan city and living here for almost 25 years, she loved staying in the rural areas of Nepal, amidst organic farm houses, home stays and learnt a lot about the local culture. All that she read about in her geography books, soon became a live-learning experience.Β 


Take-aways from her Travel gyaan!

"Travel is not the answer for everything. But is what I like. So whatever each person is passionate about, they should do it. It doesn't matter what the society or your friends say, it is important for you to follow your own heart. More than listening outside you have to listen to yourself." says Lalitha. Right now she is volunteering at Ladakh for a camp and getting one with nature.😍


If you are not a travel freak but you are wondering why is everyone wanting to pack their bags once in a while, Lalitha has an answer for you:

"Everybody is busy working and stuck in their own cycle. But once in a while, it is important to take time out and travel, as it does good to people. It changes one's perspective."

I'm sure, there are many of us who want to travel a lot but are scared to let go of our comfort zone. May be, we have to let go of all our fears and go ahead and explore the beauty of the world, which is much more liberating. And heyyy! Lalitha wants to explore every part of India first before moving on to other countries. She feels that our country as such is diversely beautiful and there's a lot left to be looked for and I couldn't agree with her more on that.


To know more about her journey and get everyday updates about her travel, follow her Instagram handle: happyshoesblog. If you are looking to travel and want some recommendations, you can check out her blog: Happy Shoes.

More power to you! Keep travelling and inspiring us! ❀️

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