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The happy kiddiewink with magical fingers: Meet Fattah 😍

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Talk about art and it automatically refreshes your soul. Well, in today’s episode we are going to share with you a story so special that will never leave your heart. ❤️

 Remember when was the first time you held a tiny brush in your hand, took out your paint box and got your hands all messy? We all loved to paint as kids. Sooner or later, we stopped spending more time on it. But this kid is just out-of-the-world.

meet fattah

 A 4-year old sweetheart from Chennai, Fattah is an incredibly talented child who paints his heart out. His paintings are absolutely soul-stealers, bringing out the beauty of colours in every way. Where did Fattah get his mighty painting skills from? That goes without saying that Fattah’s mom herself is an Artist. Attributing his professionalism to the genes, the wonder-kid first held a brush when he was at the age of 2. Fattah’s mom although didn’t give him colours to paint along Fattah’s elder brother, was mesmerized by how the kiddo showed signs of being a natural artist. 🎨

 When Fattah was 3, he got his first experience of painting on a canvas. Seeing his mom, he wanted to try it out too. When he was handed out a 1X1 canvas, he couldn’t contain his excitement to move the brush and the rest is history. 💁🏻 Fattah hasn’t started with painting out forms, currently he is just too happy playing with colours. And you would be too, if you had a look at his paintings. Other than painting, he also does Origami and other craft activities along with his brothers. Being a fast-learner, Fattah has won art competitions at his nursery school. 🏆

fattah paintings

 Where does his inspiration come from? Of course, watching his mother paint has been one of the biggest impacts. Like mother-Like son, his mom explains how her maternal granny was a “Jack of all Trades”. From cooking to painting, she had tried her hand at various forms of art and realised she was a natural. It is no surprise that the baton has now been passed on to Fattah. The Wonder-kid sold about 5 of his works in his first-ever Art exhibition and has been booked for 5 more currently. You can follow more of his art works by liking his Facebook page: Fattah's World of Art. 👨🏼‍🎨


Apart from Painting, Fattah is so fond of cartoons. Favourite cartoon? Dinosaur Train. So don’t forget to drop a hi to this little celebrity and follow his works on Facebook. Hope we see him go places in the future! 😇

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