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Hand-in-hand! This Chennai couple’s travelogue is something you wouldn’t want to miss

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Ever had that moment in life when you finally met someone and everything started to fall in place? Well, our protagonists of today’s “Happy story” can testify to it. Two people of ardent desire for travel, got-together by chance, fell in love and started living their dream. Today they embark on journeys together and will do so for the rest of their lives. Wanna know more about this duo? Say hello to Rebecca and Gowtham, the Odyssey of Two, as we walk through their life and travel journeys.

As they packed their bags together

Hailing from Chennai and currently based out of Yerevan (Armenia), Rebecca and Gowtham fell in love in 2015 and went on to become travel buddies for life. They started touring random places and posting pictures of their stays, food walks on Instagram and people started reaching out to them for recommendations. That’s when the idea of blogging about Travel, Food and Lifestyle struck their minds. Having learnt the importance of reviews, they started to push out reliable reviews about places they visited.

rebecca gowtham

“Travel is a passion and it is one of the many things we have in common. We both together wanted to start the blog on traveling as gives us the opportunity to create a lifestyle that allows us to spend more time focusing on the thing we love that's travel. I feel it helps us grow in the relationship as well as we spend more time creating the contents together.”, says Rebecca.

Is travelling that easy? Let’s ask

Everybody fancies a travel-lifestyle. But coming to reality, it isn’t that easy. One has to manage the expenses and time, the two most valuable things. The most challenging part of travel blogging, according to this couple was to find time to share their experience with their readers. This was a huge constraint as blogging was not their full-time job and they had to manage their duties as well. But with experience, this became a cake-walk and they started churning out content for their audience.


What the couple had to say when we asked them how they make time for their travel during their tight working schedules?

“I feel we have so much to explore and so much to do and we are trying to fit in our best whenever possible with the busy schedules that we have in our own careers. So we have made it a point to travel at least 3 times in a year.”

Their family and friends have been a huge ball of support by helping them live their dreams and also garner followers for their social media pages. Together they visited Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, Spain, Armenia and India (Munnar, Cochin, Delhi & Hyderabad).

Odyssey of two is planning to collaborate with many brands to create quality content for their blog and get their feet into full-time blogging. Apart from the travelogues, you can also look through their blog for more fashion and fitness advices.

A list of favourites!

Favourite spot from the vacations - Sea-based vacationing -The Royal Carribean cruise trip from Singapore to Penang to Phuket

Favourite Hobbies - Cooking and experimenting with food.

Favourite activities apart from travelling – Calisthenics (Gowtham), Boxing (Rebecca)

For people who love to travel

“You should truly love to travel, plan your trips way ahead and always keep your mind open to try and experience new things. Try to focus to see less number of places but in detail, don’t travel to just see all the places in a time period.

To start off traveling, first it depends on where you live if you are from India go for Singapore, Dubai or Thailand.”


Gowtham is currently pursuing his PG in ENT and Rebecca is doing her MBA. They’ll be tying the knot in December 2018. You can also follow their journey through the Instagram handle: @Odysseyoftwo

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