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Fly Away With This DIY Bird Costume 

Pooja Sitharthan

After a long discussion about this blog we decided if we were doing animal costumes here in The Happiness Factory, we definitely need to do a costume for a bird. Pixie Pants and I, put on our thinking caps and thought we should decide on one bird we should do a DIY costume for. But alas! We just couldn’t conclude and thus we knew we had to make a basic bird DIY costume that could be altered and tweaked around to create the bird of your choice 😊

This no-sew DIY bird costume could not be more simple than this 😊 All you need is to choose the colour of the bird you are creating. Now let’s get into it.

Estimated Time : 3-4 hrs

Things Required:

  • Patterns
  • T-shirt and leggings in the color of the bird you chose

Eg. Green if it is a parrot, white if it is a dove, etc

  • Card or crepe paper in multiple shades of the colour of your bird.
  • Glue
  • String or yarn
  • Cardboard
  • Tape

 The Mask

Step 1: Assembling the mask

  • To make the mask, print out the mask and beak patterns and hold them up to your face to test the size. You can adjust the size and shape according to what you need.
  • You'll want to make sure the mask is large enough that you can see, but not so big it obstructs your vision. 
  • When you've determined the perfect mask size, transfer the patterns to a card or cardboard and cut it out. 
  • Fold the mask and beak in half as indicated on the patterns and cut a small slit along the fold at the top of the beak, and then fold the two flaps.

    Baarathi Venkatesh

Step 2: Glueing together

  • Hot-glue the beak to the mask using the folded flaps. Make sure the flaps are completely over the large mask so that paper corners don't irritate your face.
  • Hot-glue feathers to cover the mask, starting at the outer edges and then layering toward the center, varying the feather colors and the directions of the feathers. Trim excess paper that interferes with the eye cutouts.

Step 3: Thread on String

  • Punch a hole on each side of the mask, and thread a string through. You'll want to tie a sizeable knot on the front side of the hole to keep the string from slipping out.

    Baarathi Venkatesh

Now the Wings 

Step 4: Wing template

To make the wings, measure your arm length, and using that measurement, copy the pattern on the cardboard.

Once you’re happy with the appropriate dimensions and shape, trace and cut out two wings from the cardboard. 

Baarathi Venkatesh

Step 5: Feathers

  • Using Crepe paper or card cut out a long strip of paper. Cut the paper as wide as you want; a wider strip means bigger feathers on the wing.
  • If you wish to be precise, try folding the paper and then cutting the strips on the creases. If you have a ruler, you can measure to be exact.
  • Fold the paper accordion-style to make a rectangle. Make the folds as even as possible.
  • A good trick is to first fold the strip in half multiple times. When the desired rectangle size is met, unfold the paper. Using the creases made from the folding, fold it accordion-style.
  • Make a U or V shape as shown in the image and cut to create the feathers.
  • Once you open it will be a long strip of feathers.
  • Cut out enough feather strips to layer the wings vertically from bottom to top, covering the straight edges of each feather as you move upward.

    Baarathi Venkatesh

    Baarathi Venkatesh

Step 6: Armbands

  • Make two loops of cardboard that fit around your upper arms. Make sure you have a few excess inches.
  • Now stick the loops to the wing using duct tape.

Step 7: Costume

  • Finish your DIY costume with colorful shoes and a matching outfit.

    Baarathi Venkatesh

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