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Let’s be colourful unicorns- DIY unicorn costume

Baarathi Venkatesh

What is cute, girly, whimsical, and colorful? Unicorns !!! Children and adults alike are obsessed with this mythical creature, and it doesn't look like that popularity is going to wane anytime soon. I have always been a fan of this magical creature which always seems to put a huge smile across everyone’s face.

Here we have a simple DIY tutorial on how to make your own unicorn costume 😊 complete with the horn to the tail 😊

Estimated time - 3 hours

Things Required

For Headband/Unihorn


Cutting the horn and ear

  • Using the template given, trace out the horn template. Use a gold or silver card for the horn.
  • Start at the straight end of the horn and curl it into itself. Use a dab of hot glue to get the shape.
  • Next cut the ears template out. Use pink or white card/felt for the ears. 
  • Glue the yellow card/felt as the inner ear. Stick the glittery ear template onto the ear with a glue stick.

    Baarathi Venkatesh DIY Unicorn Costume


Assembling the unicorn headband

  • Glue the horn onto the top of the headband using hot glue. 
  • Trim off the excess bit of the horn that hangs over the headband with scissors.
  • Glue the ears onto both sides of the horn using hot glue or tape.
  • Glue flowers across the front of the horn.

    Baarathi Venkatesh DIY Unicorn Costume

For the mane and tail

Things required

  • hot glue gun
  • light pink yarn
  • hot pink yarn
  • purple yarn
  • Gold/silver ribbon

For the mane

Steps 3

  • Wrap the 3 colors of yarn around your hand 10 times to create loops of yarn. 
  • Tie a small piece of yarn around one side of the loop to hold in place and cut the other side. {similar to making yarn pom poms} 
  • Then attach the yarn tassel to the ribbon or another hairband. 
  • To increase the length of the mane, attach each yarn buddle with small strings to the yarn bundle on top.
  • Repeated this until your mane is of the desired length

    Baarathi Venkatesh DIY Unicorn Costume
    Baarathi Venkatesh DIY Unicorn Costume

For the colourful tail 

Steps 4

  • I wrapped the 3 colors of yarn around your arm until you feel it would make a nice, thick tail. ( around 20 times or more)
  • Remove the yarn loop from your hand.
  • Then like the main, tie a piece of yarn around one side of the loop to hold the strands in place. 
  • Then I cut the other side of the loop, similar to what you do when making a yarn pom pom. 
  • Then hot glue the tail {which is held together with the small piece of yarn} to the center of the gold/silver ribbon.
  • Tie the ribbon around your waist and voila you have a fluffy yarn tail 😊 

    Baarathi Venkatesh DIY Unicorn Costume

Now to tie it all together. Wear a white dress or white top and pants… you could also wear black or any colour you want your unicorn to look like. Just make sure your top and bottom are the same colour. 

Next, we will attach the headband and the mane to your head. We then have to attach the tail to your waist. You can either tie it on your waist by attaching a piece of yarn or pinning it to your pants.

Baarathi Venkatesh DIY Unicorn Costume

If You are a person who likes to wear makeup add some glitter and rainbow colours to your makeup. 

And you are done!!!!!! 😊 

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