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Let’s get wild in the city - DIY Giraffe costume.

Pooja Sitharthan

Have you ever wondered if you could dress up as an animal?  What if I told you, today you can transform yourself into an animal you never thought you could be? What If I told you this tutorial below is for not one animal but two while using very similar methods? Sounds too good to be true? Well you are in for an exciting costume this year which is going to blow your socks off 😊

We are going to transform ourselves into the wild as a giraffe and a zebra 😊 Yes you heard me right 😊 so lets first start with the giraffe and then move to the zebra 😊

Estimated time - 1 hour

Things required

  • Beige or cream card
  • Brown felt tip or brown paint
  • Brown ribbon
  • Hairband
  • Rubber bands and bobby pins
  • Glue gun
  • Brown or skin colour liner
  • Brown paint– (you can fill the spots with the eye pencil.)
  • Beige or pale yellow top and bottom

Let’s start from the top, the giraffe has some peculiar looking horns and we are going to create these horns using our hair 😊 

Steps - Horns

  • Start with two high ponytails. The higher, the better.
  • Pull ponytail halfway through the elastic then wrap the excess. 
  • Secure the excess with bobby pins to your liking.
  • Wrap each “horn” with decorative trim or ribbon. Preferably a brown ribbon

    Baarathi Venkatesh

The next part of almost all animals is their ears. In this case, the giraffe has nice big ears and we will use a card and felt tip to create these.

Steps - Ears

  • Cut out the ear using beige or cream card for the outside and colour it brown for the inner ear. 
  • Attach the ear to the headband as shown in the image.
  • Make sure they are attached to the hairbands between the horns and your actual ears.

The one thing when you hear the word giraffe is spots! How can you have a giraffe without its characteristic spots, so we are now going to do our spots 😊

Steps - The spots

  • Using a brown or skin colour pencil start drawing in spots and create an outline.
  • Using the brush and paint, start filling in the spots until they are fully brown. 
  • Make sure you extend the spots all the way to your neck.

    Baarathi Venkatesh DIY Giraffe Costume

Now you are already looking like a giraffe 😊 almost like a giraffe... To take your costume to the next level we are going to add the nose 😊 this is an optional step but if you do it, I’m sure you will not regret it 😊

Steps -The Nose

Using the same black eye pencil colour in two teardrop shapes starting from the bottom of your nose. Make sure it tapers as you move up your face as shown in the image. This will help you look more like a giraffe.

Baarathi Venkatesh Giraffe Costume


Wear a beige or pale-yellow top and bottom. Cut out multiple spots of various sizes in a brown card. 

Using double-sided tape or just regular tape stick these spots all over your clothes. And you are done!!! How easy was that? Yes, the cutting out spots for your whole body might take a little while... but you can always have large spots to fill up more area. This will hopefully shorten your time of cutting.

Baarathi Venkatesh DIY Giraffe Costume

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