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Ahoy! Pirates of Boomerang!

Baarathi Venkatesh

Ahoy, Matey! Today we have a costume for procrastinators! Even if you just have a couple of minutes to get ready for your Halloween party, don’t sweat it. This Halloween costume and makeup if by far one of the most easiest to put together!!! I kid you not 😊. The makeup is using whatever you have and all you actually need is some kohl or black eyeshadow and your favorite lipstick. The main part is the costume, with just a few accessories, can almost look as good as Captain Jack Sparrow. If you are someone who wears makeup you can take the eye makeup up a notch and create a beautiful smoky eye, but if you are like me we will just stick to the bear minimum :P

Materials Required


  1. Black eyeshadow/ kajal/ kohl
  2. Lipstick
  3. Ribbon/string (optional) – for people with longer hair

Pirate Makeup by Baarathi Venkatesh

Step 1

If you wear foundation you can do that before we start on the eyes.

The eyes

  • Apply some black eyeshadow or kohl on the eye lids of your eye.
  • You can blend them out using your fingers so that its all even.
  • Apply the kohl/kajal in your lash line and draw it thicker than usual.

    Pirate Makeup by Baarathi Venkatesh

Step 2

If you are a girl add some lipstick preferable something red or dark.

If you are a guy, you can use the eyeliner/ kajal to draw in a beard and mustache to look more pirate like.

Pirate Makeup by Baarathi Venkatesh

Step 3

If you have long hair you can do a few braids. You can also add some string or ribbon to your braid.

Pirate Makeup by Baarathi Venkatesh

That’s all for the make up for this look. Wasn’t that easy peasy lemon squeezy? Now lets go into the costume. This is what is going to bring this whole look

Materials Required


  1. Bandana or a scarf
  2. Big earing with hook or some beads or a brooch.

    Pirate Makeup by Baarathi Venkatesh


  1. White long sleeve top or shirt
  2. Vest
  3. A few necklaces gold or with beads.

    Pirate Makeup by Baarathi Venkatesh


  1. Black pants
  2. Scarf/dupatta to tie around your waist
  3. Big belt (optional)
  4. Boots


Now all that’s left it a eye patch which you can make by cutting up a piece of black card and attach a black ribbon or some thick dark coloured thread to its sides. Once your make up is done you can tie the eye patch. Try to do this before you put the bandana. You can also add a sword and hook if you want to add elements to the costume. You can make them out of cardboard and aluminium foil. But even without that you will look pirate 😊

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, matey. 😊 Sail through Halloween without any worry! Ahoy!

Author: Baarathi Venkatesh

I am a basic average girl, and I'm here to save the world 😉 I also enjoy traveling and eating delicious food in my free time 😁 I have a slight obsession of cats and all things cute! I am constantly in search for new adventures and interesting things to do. Absolutely love K-dramas, great books and cozy places. Check out my page for more food related posts. 


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