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Awaken the Zombie within!

Baarathi Venkatesh

Nothing screams “Halloween” more than transforming into the undead. To be honest this is an absolutely easy look which requires minimum effort. What I love about zombies is that their look is almost completely up to interpretation; there's not really a staple you need to be a zombie (other than be dead) :P .Vampires have their fangs, ghouls have their pallor, and cats have their ears. But what do zombies have? Well, brains, for one. But everything else can be as hardcore or as pretty as you want, because zombies do whatever they want.

Today we will try to create this simple look mainly using eyeshadows and if you don’t have that we can work with eyeliner/kajal which is easy to smudge.

The main thing in this look is the eyes and accentuating the natural hollows of your face. Without further ado lets get into the tutorial!

Materials required

  • Maroon/red eyeshadow or maroon/red lipstick
  • Brown eyeshadow
  • Black eyeshadow or kohl/kajal
  • Black eyeliner
  • Various sized brushes (you can always use your fingers)

Zombie Makeup by Baarathi Venkatesh

Don’t worry even if you don’t have a particular thing in the list you can still make it work 😊 Its all about having fun!

Step 1

  • Make sure you start with a clean dry face.
  • Prep your face with some moisturizer and make up primer if you have some.
  • If you wear foundation apply it all over your face, including your lips.

Step 2

The eyes

  • Start by applying a light coat of the maroon/red colour over your eyes
  • Slowly build up the colour by blending it all around your eye socket, which is right from under your eyebrow to about 1 inch under your eye.
  • Now take the brown eyeshadow and colour your eyelids and spread it around your eye. Spread it just past your eye crease and ½ inch under your eye.
  • If you can try to blend it into the red/maroon
  • Now apply the black eyeshadow on your eyelid and work it around your eye. Try to apply more at the corner of your eyes and right around the lashes.

    Zombie Makeup for Halloween

    Zombie Makeup by Baarathi Venkatesh

Step 3

The contour - Cheeks

  • Using the brown eyeshadow, lightly draw a line from the mid of your ear towards the corner of your lip. Make sure you stop a few inches from your lip corner.
  • Once you are happy with the shape make it darker and blend it downwards. This will create the illusion of hollow cheekbones.
  • Go over with the black eyeshadow to create a more 3d effect. Try to suck in your cheeks to get an idea where the hollow parts of your cheeks lie.

    Zombie Makeup by Baarathi Venkatesh

Step 4

Rest of the face

  • Using the same brown and black eyeshadows, try to create hollows on your face.
  • The main areas being the temples of the head, jawline the neck and the sides of the chin.
  • Use more brown n less of the black in the rest of face.
  • If you are someone used to make up you can also contour your nose. You can also blend in some red at the temples and chin to create a more bruised look.

    Zombie Makeup by Baarathi Venkatesh

Step 5

The lips

  • Apply brown to the inner part of your lower lip. Do not apply to your whole lip.
  • Take a little red lipstick or eyeshadow and apply to the inner part of your lip to create the effect of blood.
  • Use your fingers to blend it outwards to the corners of your lip.
  • And the last step for your lip is, apply a tiny amount of black right at the center of the inner part of the lip. Apply this to both the upper and lower lip. Remember a little goes a long way with black.

    Zombie Makeup by Baarathi Venkatesh

Step 6 (optional)

  • You can add some frown lines on your forehead and the eyebrow area to create an angry zombie.

    Zombie Makeup by Baarathi Venkatesh

And you are done!!!! How easy was that? Just 5 simple steps and you will be done with your zombie look. The tutorial is just a base and you are free to add elements such as scars and other effects to make the look scarier or tone it down. It’s completely up to you! 😊

The costume for zombie is also not too complicated. I’ve got a couple of suggestions

  • Wear a really old and dark coloured t shirt which you don’t like anymore and slightly rip it places.


  • Splatter and paint a white t shirt with red and dark brown to create a bloody effect

I hope this tutorial was helpful and you try out this for this Halloween 😊

Author: Baarathi Venkatesh

I am a basic average girl, and I'm here to save the world 😉 I also enjoy traveling and eating delicious food in my free time 😁 I have a slight obsession of cats and all things cute! I am constantly in search for new adventures and interesting things to do. Absolutely love K-dramas, great books and cozy places. Check out my page for more food related posts.

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