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Get your pens out and head over to our Doodle Workshop!


Doodling is super fun! Have you tried it out? Well, all that my happy human does is doodle all day and ignore me for the rest of her life and she can’t seem to stop falling in love with Doodling. You should try it too! 💁🏻

Do you think you are not so good at it? Why don’t you grab a pen and a piece of paper and start imagining about your favourite things on earth and try to draw them on paper? Wheeeyyy! There goes your first doodle. 🖌😁

Still not happy with what’s on the paper? Then go online, try to find few images and try to replicate them on the paper. Doesn’t go your way? Do you wanna explore more about doodling and how you can be good at it? Do you want to try doodling with a happy bunch of people who have similar interests? Do you want to let go of all the stress you gathered up during the entire work week and feel free on a weekend? Our answer to all these questions is OUR DOODLE WORKSHOP! 👏🏽

So where? when?

Easy easy! We are sooooo excited to host your for our 2nd Doodle Workshop that will happening at Ashvita Nirvana, 5th Avenue, Besant Nagar on the 16th of June . Walk into the spot at 11 am and feel the aura of doodling for about 3 hours with a bunch of crazy folks. 💥

You can register for the event here: Doodling event by Pooja

Get ready to have some fun and doodle your heart out! See ya there peeps!

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