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Let's spice up this summer a bit with some good old fun!


Finally summer is here and it feels so good to be chilling out right? If you ask me, we don’t have much of a Summer-thing back in Boomerang. Since I am on Earth right now, this seems sooo cool (I know, it’s hot out there!!!). I’ve put together a list of really fun things that you can do this summer to make your days absolutely memorable and fruitful. So if you are with me on this, heyyyy come on let’s get on the ride soon…..🤣🤠

 What’s more fun than a POTLUCK?

Potluck has been a tradition to break the ice amongst huge chunks of crowd since time unknown. This is an amazing idea to share food and toast on your best moments. So if you have that cozy group you always run to for outings, ditch the newly opened restaurant and feast on home-cooked delicacies by each one of you. I bet, your tummy would be the happiest. 🤓🥘

Say hi to our animal friends!

Volunteering at animal shelters has recently become a great thing to do during your summer holidays. Since most school and college students get a whole lot of holidays, you can always pick an animal shelter, visit it regularly and help take care of them during summer-time. Because that’s when they need the best attention. Plus, it is super fun!🐶🐱

Write a Postcard to yourself

When you visit a new place, write a postcard or a letter to yourself about your experiences there and send it you your address. This might seem really boring to you in the beginning but when you open the letter and read through the words you had already written, you will be smiling all the way.😁💥

Create a questionnaire about yourself and send it to your friends.

This never goes out of style. All of us must have filled a questionnaire about our friend from the various Facebook quizzes available. When you prepare the questionnaire on your own, you will be more than surprised in knowing better about yourself. That’s like a whole new level of revelation, I know. May be I should prepare a "Pixie Pants" questionnaire and send it to Equinox. Let’s see how many he answers perfectly.💁🏻

Are you up for a Water balloon fight?

This is pure nostalgia for all the 90s kids out there. Let’s bring back this summer tradition, what say? Gather a bunch of your favourite folks, load all the balloons and get set to shoot them.. Splassssshhh!🎈

 Let’s go bring the roof down this summer! Wooohooo! ⚡️😆

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