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Food and fun: These party games will make your day!

Sheryl Thomas

Are parties ever complete without games? IKR! They are the best part of any gathering. What makes games more fun is when it involves food. Food and fun is an epic combination and there’s no topping this. We were planning on having a fun party at The Happiness Factory and we sat down to discuss the games we can include to make the event lively and merrier. These were our favourites and we are so happy to share them with you. While we get ready to have some fun, you try these out too.

  • Wafer Jenga
  • Things you need: Wafers

    Party Games

    Jenga is such an interesting game especially when you play it with a huge group. If you don’t have the Jenga set, don’t worry, you can still play it with wafers. Buy a pack of wafers and cut them in equal sizes to make a Jenga tower. Once you are done assembling the tower, gather your friends together and start playing. The best part is, you don’t have to put the Jenga tower away until next time. Just munch the wafers to your heart’s content. 

  • Gems vs straws
    Things you need: Gems/M&Ms, Straws

  • Party Games

    The game for all ages. Whether it is a bunch of kids or adults, this game is an absolute entertainer. Give each participant a cup and a straw. Spread out loads of gems on a  table. The participant should suck the gem using the straw and empty it into the cup. Whoever collects the most at the end of a minute or whatever time limit is the winner. 

  • Blind taste test
  • Things you need: Anything edible (Haha!), Blindfolds

    Party Games

    Time to get the blindfolds on! This is a classic game for food lovers. Pick a group and give them blindfolds. Don’t let them see the food items before, so that it gets difficult for them to guess with the blindfolds on. Whoever guesses the maximum right wins the game. To make it more fun and exciting, you could include some crazy items that crack up people. Haha! Are you up for it?

  • Food ludo
  • Things you need: A customized chart with food stops, Dice, Food items.

    Party Games

    Sketch out your very own game in monopoly/ludo style with your own food stops. Roll the dice and if someone lands on the particular stop, they have to consume the food in that stop. Make it interesting with 5 or 6 yummy choices like Chocolate, Cake, Fruit, Juice, Savoury Snake, Donut and 4 or 5 not-so-tasty choices like Lemon juice, Bitter Gourd, Tomato, Butter. Whoever reaches the finish line first, wins. 

  • Donut strings
  • Things you need: Donuts, Strings.

    Party Games

    All the donut lovers, please unite for this one. All you have to do it, tie the donuts with strings and suspend them high above. Tie the hands of the participants and let them complete the donut without touching it. Ahhhh! Sounds absolutely fun, right?

  • Chopsticks to the rescue
  • Things you need: Chopsticks, Poppins, Cups.

    Party Games

    Chopsticks might be really tricky to handle. Especially when it is a big group, this becomes exciting. The idea is to pick poppins using chopsticks and drop it into a cup. Collect the maximum and take home the trophy (Also, some poppins!).

  • Pocket the hoops
  • Things you need: Onion rings, Skewers.

    Party Games

    Can you pick it all? Haa! It is not as easy as you think it is. Each contestant should hold a skewer in his/her mouth. Without using the hands, you need to pick the onion rings with the help of the skewer from the table and keep stocking in the skewer. Whoever has the most onion rings in the skewer left when time’s out is the boss.

  • Jello shots
  • Things you need: Packed jelly cups.

    Party Games

    Remember those good old days when we used to get jelly cups from the shop, open it up and try to pop the entire content into the mouth. Well, it’s not always a win. There’s mostly some left in the cup and you had to dig deep. Keep a basket full of these jelly cups. Let your contestants pick these cups, unwrap them and pop into their mouth. The person who eats the most jello shots wins it.

  • Water balance
  • Things you need: Water, Cups.

    Party Games

    When we are talking about food related games, you might be thinking about what water’s doing here. But, can we go days without it? Come on! Let us honor this hero. This is a classic lemon-spoon race type. All you have to do is balance a cup of water on your and race it to the finish line without spilling much. And do judge the race however you’d like to :P It’s open!

  • Muffin tower
  • Things you need: Muffins, Icing.

    Party Games

    We have saved the best and the toughest for the last. Build the tallest muffin tower and you are the winner! You can use the icing to balance the muffins. :D Sounds fun, eh?

    Try out these fun party games in your next party and let us know which one you liked best. I am also recommending some of this to my friends in Boomerang. They don’t have the supplies in Boomerang, so I’m gonna go shopping as the space shuttle arrives tomorrow for pick up. Have fun y’all. Until next time!

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