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Meet Sudharsan Hari, who takes you back in time to the 90s with The Perf Ice Candy

Sheryl Thomas

Pixie and I went on a recent adventure exploring some of the ice cream shops in the locality and then we stumbled upon this amazing spot called The Perf Ice Candy. We sat at the shop and started asking the founder, Sudharsan Hari, way too many questions about his brainchild and I am so excited to share this experience with you. Eeeeeppppss! I haven’t interacted with much humans on Earth. So this is really special. Are you ready for it? Let’s goooo!

A cozy store on an even cozier street

You would almost never spot this tiny place. The Perf Ice Candy is a little cozy spot located in Welcome Colony, Anna Nagar West Extension. They serve some of the best ice candies in the city. You can choose from a wide range of fruit flavours and other refreshing flavours like Tender Coconut. We bought a Tender Coconut Ice Candy and got talking about how this idea of starting an ice candy venture came to life.

Back to the 90s

Say hello to Sudharsan Hari! A vibrant personality, a gadget geek and a foodie. When we started talking to him, the first question in our heads was how this idea of starting an ice candy outlet surfaced. We asked him the very same question and he took us back to the 90s. I have no clue what people mean when they say “the 90s”. I haven’t been on Earth for a very long time and I’m glad I met Sudharsan and got to know about this period. You know, it sounds really cool. Back in the 90s, kids used to strap their backpacks and gallop on the roads with an ice candy stick in their hands. Ice candies were usually made in different artificial flavours like orange, mango, cola and more, sealed in polythene packets in stick shape. Sudharsan recalls the joy of biting through the cover and squeezing the juice out of the ice candies. Right now on Earth, it is a rarity to see these. Having missed it so much, Sudharsan wanted to bring them back to Earth but in a healthier way. That’s when he decided on the “no preservatives” and “no added food colouring” idea and wanted to induce natural fruit flavours in the ice candy. He, along with his mom, Vidhya Hari, started working on it and kickstarted the little store. 

The first step

The Perf Ice Candy was born during the last week of April in 2019. This nascent venture is showing such promising growth because of the dedication of Sudharsan’s work. Since the launch, The Perf Ice Candy has put up quite a few pop-ups and also started retailing at a cafe in Kilpauk. All the candies are homemade and rich in taste. You can purchase the ice candies directly from the store in Anna Nagar or place orders via Zomato, Swiggy and Dunzo. The ice candies are packed in an eco-friendly way and can stay without melting for 20 mins at room temperature. 

From Sudharsan’s diary

Life is not a bed of roses. Do you agree with me? Every success stems out from a failure. Such is the case with Sudharsan as well. After his smoothie business ran dry, he started trying his hand at various jobs. Having learnt enough to quench his thirst, he wanted to start his own food venture. That’s when he started thinking about opening The Perf Ice Candy. If you are looking to start a business of your own, Sudharsan has something to say to you. “Trust your idea. That’s the most important thing. Always be at the forefront of your business. Nobody other than you can understand and connect to the customers better. When you are all into it, you start receiving more, be it praises or criticism. And always be up for criticism. That is the best teacher. It will help you improve manifolds. More than a customer who is satisfied, a customer who is disappointed does a lot of good to your growth.”

I think this will always be one of my favourite human interactions on Earth. I learnt a lot and had so much fun as well. If you want to experience the same, go download Zomato/Swiggy/Dunzo and get ice candies from The Perf Ice Candy. Don’t forget to send your feedback to @theperficecandy on Instagram. Happy ice candy time!  Since I don’t have a phone, I am going to walk to the store.. See ya!


Author: Sheryl Thomas

Born and raised in the favourite Chennai city, Sheryl loves exploring the tiniest cafes to the humongous native food outlets. She thrives on words, books, food, music, sleep and some tiny bit of travel. Sheryl actively reviews restaurants on Zomato, sings and plays the Ukulele, and indulges in really heart-wrenching books. You can follow her work on Instagram

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