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Say goodbye to unhealthy eating with these healthy food alternatives

Sheryl Thomas

Food blogging has become so common these days and there are way too many restaurants starting up on Earth. Right from yummy burgers to soul-stirring biryanis, you get everything everywhere. This has been my favorite part of my journey on Earth so far. Yes, the food is to die for. Exploring various cuisines at new eateries is a great hobby. But you also need to balance the act of binging over food and still managing to stay healthy. It is not as difficult as it may seem. There are a few alternatives that you can follow every day to make sure that you stay in good shape. Read ahead to know more.

  • Brown bread - White bread
  • White bread might be soft and tasty to consume, but when it comes to the nutritional content, Brown bread wins the race. Since Brown bread is made from whole wheat, it is considered to be rich in fiber and nutrients. So if you love to eat those sandwiches and toast, make sure you use brown bread instead of white bread. 

  • Honey - Sugar
  • Very many of us thrive on Sugar. I know that it helps us get through the day. Be it your daily coffee at work or your occasional tea, sugar is one of the main ingredients. While we all know that Refined Sugar is not a smart choice considering the health risks that it possesses like heart disease, cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes, you might as well use natural sweeteners like Honey to serve the purpose. 

  • Fruits - Sweets
  • If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you can never run away from sweets. They are like your food baby. All the sugar rush might seem exciting but do you think it is healthy even for your sweet tooth? While you are aching to have that extra sweet to satisfy your craving, make sure you have a fruit nearby. Every time you feel like having a sweet, substitute it with fruit and see how you get into the habit of eating at least one fruit every day.

  • Fresh juices - Aerated drinks
  • Aerated drinks look so cool; They come in pet bottles, they’ve got the fizz, there are various flavors and also they are loaded with sugar and preservatives. Doesn’t this sound like a huge red flag to you? While once in a while it is okay to pull out a bottle from the shelf, it is not advisable to thrive on it. If you love having juices, then opt for freshly prepared fruit juices. Even better, ditch the sugar while you drink your fresh juice.  

  • Dark Chocolate - Milk Chocolate
  • More cocoa, more the goodness. Eating considerable amounts of dark chocolate helps lower blood pressure in humans and contain weight. Dark chocolate has less sugar content than milk chocolate. It also contains a very minimal amount of carbohydrates and fat as compared to milk chocolate and reduces the risk of developing unwanted fat in your body. 

    Junk is too hard to get over. Woah! I can testify to it. But if you don’t control it today, you might regret it later. You can always have a considerable amount of it to satisfy your soul. Haha! *evil grin” I’m gonna go take a bit of dark chocolate. Or what do you say? Should I go with fruit? *winks*

    Author: Sheryl Thomas

    Born and raised in the favourite Chennai city, Sheryl loves exploring the tiniest cafes to the humongous native food outlets. She thrives on words, books, food, music, sleep and some tiny bit of travel. Sheryl actively reviews restaurants on Zomato, sings and plays the Ukulele, and indulges in really heart-wrenching books. You can follow her work on Instagram

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