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These Pet-friendly cafes in Chennai are the happiest places you will ever visit

Sheryl Thomas

Planet Earth is soooo cool. There is so much happening here that is thoroughly interesting. Humans here have little furry friends and they shower so much love on them. Isn’t that such a happy sight to look at? I definitely think this is one of the coolest things about Earth, apart from the fact that it has a mammoth variety of food. Just makes me want to go crazy. Of late, I’ve been thinking about having a pet of my own. What if I wanted to take my doggy along with me on my food expeditions? That’s when my look out for pet-friendly cafes in Chennai started. Here’s me sharing a few of the pet-friendly eating spots with you, so you can take your furry friend too. Thank me later!

1) The Farm

Location: Semmancheri

When I talk about favourite restaurants on Earth, this one’s definitely in my top 10. The location is absolutely beautiful and terrific. If you like quaint places that help you connect with nature  coupled with good food, this place ticks every box right. You can go on a mini getaway with your pet dog or cat and take them to this spot and spend some time here. You and your fur baby would definitely cherish this place.

Binoy Cherian (Google Photos)

2) The Bark

Location: Alwarpet

I’ve wandered a bit for the time I spent on this planet. The streets in Alwarpet make me feel like I should keep walking forever. They are super perfect. In one such street, you will find “The Bark”. Ohhh! The name says it all, don’t you think? Love the interiors in this place and even better is the outdoors here. They have a tiny backyard where you can take your pupper, kitty or any pet and spend some time with them. Sometimes, they also conduct adoption drives here. So you can go ahead and take home a lovely four-legged friend.

Chris the Jag (Google Photos)

3) Soul Garden Bistro

Location: Kilpauk

Can you believe that I unearthed this gem of a place in the hustle and bustle of the Chennai city? Well, yes you’ll be surprised too. Soul Garden Bistro is located in a vast space with exquisite indoor seating and an airy and calm outdoor seating as well. You can run around with your doggy and engage them if you ever drop in here for a meal. This is a veg-only restaurant and serves some really yummy food. So don’t forget to check this place out. 

Arjun Ekambaram (Zomato)

4) Atte - Global Cafe

Location: Besant Nagar

When we talk about pet-friendly cafes, it is mostly about a lot of outdoor seating space. But Atte - Glocal Cafe doesn’t fall into that category. This spot has rustic and artistic indoor seating space. You can see the entire place lined with high bar stools and caricature walls. No doubt that this place is pet-friendly. You can take your pet with you, if you are going to catch up with someone over coffee or a meal. Yessss! Never let your pet feel lonely guys. Take them with you.

Adithi Dinakaran (Google Photos)

5) Wild Garden Cafe - Amethyst

Location: Royapettah

Okayyy! Is it alright to have a favourite from this list? Pretty please! I would definitely go here with my doggy friend. Wild Garden Cafe is absolutely wild. Crazy and spacious outdoor seating, plants everywhere and a lot of space to run and play. This must be a dream spot for your pets. How do places like this even exist? I know right, Mother Earth is magical. While I’m enjoying my time here, I’m definitely gonna take another visit to this place and go bonkers over their food. Just can’t miss it. So all you guys, listen to me; Listen to Sky! Let’s go have some yummy food.

The Bark - Zomato

Author: Sheryl Thomas

Born and raised in the favourite Chennai city, Sheryl loves exploring the tiniest cafes to the humongous native food outlets. She thrives on words, books, food, music, sleep and some tiny bit of travel. Sheryl actively reviews restaurants on Zomato, sings and plays the Ukulele, and indulges in really heart-wrenching books. You can follow her work on Instagram

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