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Simple ways to stay fit while travelling Planet Earth

Lalitha Mahaadevan

My travel buddies often tell me that fitness and travel do NOT go together! Well, I disagree :) while staying back home and having a routine ensures that you work out or yoga every day, travelling has its own way of keeping you fit. Yes, it might be difficult to exercise if you are constantly on the move every day. But with real commitment, you can definitely find a way to stay fit all the way ;) read along to know more!

Be mindful of what you eat and drink

Most fitness coaches confirm that exercise, food and sleep majorly account for your overall physical fitness. Out of which, food plays a meaty role. Be mindful of what you eat and drink and the quantity of everything you consume. Sure, tasting exotic dishes might sometimes lead you to over indulge, but staying aware of everything you eat and connecting to what you eat is key to staying fit.

Walk everywhere

If your hostel or place of stay is just a few kilometres away, be mentally prepared to walk there from the bus stop or railway station. Go around to sightseeing places by foot rather than taking a taxi. You could also combine walking with public transport. Find places around that you can walk to everyday and make it a habit as long as you stay there. The other option is renting a bicycle and exploring the place entirely riding in it.

Take the stairs. Or travel to the mountains! :โ€™D

I always return home more fit than I was when I leave home to travel for months. The obvious reason is because I end up spending all my time in the mountains. But itโ€™s also because I choose places to stay that need a bit of walking/ climbing or have a huge staircase leading up to them. Choose what is NOT comfortable for you!

Choose stay places that have a fitness culture

While most hotels have a gym, other kinds of accommodation like hostels might have common space and spare yoga mats for travellers. Make the most of it! Look at photos of the property before booking the stay to make sure they have sufficient space. Or a lengthy swimming pool! :D Hostels like Zostel even go as far as organising early morning yoga sessions for all their guests. Writing to the property before booking helps make sure your fitness needs are covered.

Seize the mornings!

Yep, weโ€™re back to basics. No matter how crowded the place that youโ€™re travelling to is. Early morning hours are the best for putting on your jogging shoes and embracing the quietness and energy of the atmosphere. So if youโ€™re truly committed to your health and fitness, the best way is to become a morning person who goes for a jog before anyone even turns around in their bed!

Travel slow

The number one reason people cannot stay fit while travelling is because they keep moving from place to place every other day. Instead, imagine yourself chilling, relaxing and taking in everything around you and moving around slowly. Not only does it guarantee a total rejuvenation, it also helps you prioritise well and make healthier choices for yourself and for the environment!


Seems like travel and fitness actually go along well. Donโ€™t they? ;)

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