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Flock together to paint Summer-time Water bowls at Blue Cross of India

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Summer has set in and the heat is scorching already. It's essential to keep yourself hydrated and always stay on par with your happy self. Of course! Water saves you from crappy moods.Β 

Your fur babies need as much care as you do too. So as an attempt to keep our animal-bird buddies hydrated, we will be conducting a Water bowl painting workshop. We will be conducting other volunteering activities as well.

Why paint the water bowls?

Firstly, painting is super fun. That too when you do such a vibrant activity with a bunch of others it is extraordinary. This event can be a great stress-buster if you've been feeling bored as hell this weekend.

Secondly, when people identify these bowls, they would become aware of this initiative to save our animal friends. And they will start contributing to it. To help spread awareness about hydration, we will be painting the water bowls.

Details about the event:

The event will be happening at Blue Cross of India, Velachery (next to Madras Race Club), on April 8th (Sunday).

Keep yourself entertained from 10 am in the morning till 12 pm noon with this fun activity. Or you can also choose to join hands and volunteer from 4 pm to 6 pm. Walk in together with your folks and paint your heart out. 🎨

Register for the event here. πŸ‘ˆπŸ½

It is time to get your hands dirty with colours! 😍


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