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Baby Steps Into Doodling Fun at Ashvita Nirvana


Hey Happy Humans! Remember those days when you used the last page of your notebooks to doodle and scribble while you were dreaming endlessly during those long lectures?

Yes Artists, we are talking right out to you! This spot is for all those people who love to Doodle (crazy fun, eh?) and for those who like to scribble as well (let's make scribbling cool) and for those who want to learn a new form of art (add one to your accomplishments) and finally for those who want to kill time by doing something that is definitely not gonna eat your heads up (relax children of the earth!). So what say? Are you up for this doodling madness?

You could all get to doodle "ME" and all my friends from "Boomerang". Finally you get to meet my friends virtually. Although I won't be able to take you to Boomerang, I will be so happy to give you a taste of my super-space. So heyyyyy! Don't miss the chance of exploring "Pixie world" and a lot more from my Super-Human "Pooja Sitharthan" who will be conducting this workshop at "Ashvita Nirvana", Besant Nagar, Chennai.

Cross out February 17, 2018 (Saturday) from your calendars and reserve your spot using the link: Doodling Workshop at Ashvita Nirvana. The event will begin at 4pm

See you there! Pixie Pants will be out to welcome you. 


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