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Individual Story Board (Glass Framed) - SwitchOn

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Individual Story Board (Glass Framed)

Rs. 3,600.00
This board can take you back in time without a Time Machine. Do you agree? šŸ˜Story Boards for your magical memories! Swoosh!!! šŸŒ€

Artwork Size: 8 x 8 Inches (The Frame adds on 1.25 Inches on all four sides,Ā increasing the overall size to 10.50 x 10.50 Inches

Material: Synthetic White Frame with MDF Board at the backĀ and Glass on the front for protection.Ā 

Placement Type: The Frame comes with a Back Stand and a Wall Hanging Piece, making it suitable for mounting on walls and placing on table tops.Ā Ā 

Details: Please sendĀ the following details by responding to the E-mail you'd receive after placing your order.

1)Ā His/Her Name
2) Memorable Dates (Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.)
3) 3-5 Favourite Places
4) 10 Favourite Things/Objects/Memories
5) Text Fillers (Nick Names, Lyrics, Words, etc.)
6) 3-5 PhotosĀ 

Please note that Story BoardsĀ need aĀ considerableĀ amount of time to be worked on, based on the number of orders received per month. AndĀ so, it is advisable to place your order atleastĀ 30 daysĀ before you need it. Any other products ordered along with a Story Board canĀ be shipped within 3 days on request. šŸšš

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