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Type -2 | Story Board - 10 x 10 Inches ( December | Week - 4) - SwitchOn

The Happiness Factory

Type -2 | Story Board - 10 x 10 Inches ( December | Week - 4)

Rs. 4,000.00
Have you got a story to tell? Even better, we doodle them for you! ✏️ Just pick out your best moments with your bestest buddy or a lover that will make you re-live your happiest days evertime you look up to the picture hanging on your wall. 💕

Send in the following details to after placing your order and we'll get back to you in a jiffy! 🚀 But Hey! Also remember that the order placed now will be delivered by the 4th week of December, and the slots are limited, okay?

1) Her/His Name: 
2) Her/His Nick Names:
3) 8-10 Words that describe her/him:
4) Birthday and other memorable days/dates
5) 15 - 20 Fav things (Include food, gadgets, books, etc,)
6) 4 to 5 most fav hangout spots
7) Attach 3 to 4 of her/his fav pics

If its for a couple, you could pick out everything that the the couple likes in common 💁🏻 

Size : 10 x 10 Inches 
Frame Type: Glass Framed

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